Apple Waikiki - Updated Again - 11-14


Grand Opening 9-27-08
Free T-Shirt for the 1st 1,000 People.
Updated again TODAY 11-14-08 at the end of this Post - Scroll Down

I didn’t need the T-Shirt, but I decided to go to Waikiki this morning to see how long the line was, to hopefully be able to make another point about the economy and that people are buying.


The Line
Sure enough, the line was several blocks long. Apple had their own security people as well as the Honolulu Police Department on hand to control the crowd, and to be sure that nobody got in without waiting in line. They had their employees at the front door cheering for people entering the store. It was like the finish line at the Honolulu Marathon.


Uh Oh!
Those people not in the line for Apple were forced to walk in a narrow section of the Royal Hawaiian Center sidewalk. One would not think that an unfinished section of the flagstone sidewalk would be there to walk over without some sort of warning cone. At least I didn’t.


Poor Footing
It has been suggested that I warn of some graphic images ahead.

As I stepped into the area shown in the prior photo my ankle twisted and down I went like a ton of bricks. My Apple laptop went one way, my iPhone the other way, and I found myself lying there in pain. Most amazing of all was that no one seemed to notice or care. I looked up at the Apple security and HPD people, and they just looked the other way. People were just walking by me; one guy even stepped over me. I felt like they thought I was a drunk laying there unable to get up. I gathered my computer and iPhone, opened up the phone and took the above photo while still on the ground. After what seemed like a very long time a Japanese man came over and asked if I was alright. I asked him to help me get to my feet, and he did. He had me assure him that I was okay, and then he went on his way.


Skinned Knuckles
I looked down at my knuckles and noticed they were severly skinned by the ragged, sharp edge of the unfinished flagsone. I was able to walk, so I proceeded to get in what I thought was the line for T-Shirts. That’s when the Apple security came to life and told me that the end of the line was down the block. He was doing his job; making sure nobody got out of order in the line. As I started to walk (slowly and painfully) towards the end of the line, I looked down at my hand and saw that it was now covered with blood. I went over to one of the HPD officers, showed him my hand and said, “I think I need some minor medical attention.” He looked at my hand and directed me to the Royal Hawaiian Center restroom on the 2nd floor of the building. I said, “I think I would like to talk with someone in Apple, perhaps they have a closer restroom where I could wash the dirt out of this wound.” He said, “Okay, wait here” and he walked into the Apple Store. 
In a few minutes a man wearing shorts and lei came over and asked me what the problem was. I said, “I stumbled on that hole in the sidewalk over there (pointing to it) and I need to wash this blood from my hand.” He said, “Our property line only goes out for 10 feet. That is Royal Hawaiian Center property.” I told him that I didn’t really care whose property it was, I just wanted to wash the dirt and blood out of my wound. He then called for Royal Hawaiian Center Security.


Royal Hawaiian Center security escorted me to the 2nd floor restroom and told me to wash my hand in the basin. As I did that I was amazed at how much blood can come from three little knuckles. I also removed my shoe and saw that my foot was beginning to swell.



More Blood
That’s when I looked down at my jeans and saw the knee area was blood soaked. I rolled up my pants leg and saw that the damage exteded to both my knee and shin. The security person (David) sprayed some anti bacterial solution on my leg and my knuckles.


Elbow Too?
That’s when I noticed that my left elbow took a beating as well, so he treated it too.


Mummy Wrap
David applied a tourniquet type bandage to my leg to stop the bleeding and some ice to my ankle to slow down the swelling. I commented on the amount of bandaging, and he said something like, “They call me the Mummy Maker”. I must point out here that the three or more Royal Hawaiian Center secuity people were extremely helpful and kind throughout this ordeal.


Not you too?
I thought they might have been even too concerned when I saw the EMS (Emergency Medical Service) show up. They wanted me to come out of the restroom, but I refused, knowing how many tourists were most likely attracted by the ambulance and probably followed them up to the 2nd floor to gawk at someone in trouble. ERS took all of my vital signs, changed the bandage on my leg, and asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital. They emphasized that it would be a free trip. I declined and they made sure that I signed a statement saying that if I decide to go later it might be at my own expense. Expenses were at the bottom of my list of priorities at this time. I just wanted to get out of there, but not until after the curious crowds followed the EMS people back down the escalator. I was disturbed that they were not willing to clean the wounds or apply any medication to them. They told me they didn’t have anything to do that, and to do it myself at home. I got the feeling they were maybe irrtitated that I was not interested in an exciting ambulance ride through Waikiki. I called my dermitologist from the restroom and made an appointment to see him on Monday morning. 
The Royal Hawaiian Center Security staff asked me to complete a written statement as to what happened. I obliged, and asked that a copy be faxed over to me. He said he would, but I did not get it, so I decided to document it all here while it’s fresh in my mind.  


My Hero
With me throughout this entire ordeal was Justin Dradi. Justin sells art in the center and knows me from his days at Wyland Galleries. He just happened to be walking by, and saw me talking with the policemen. Justin not only stuck with me, but he was thoughtful enough to take most of the above photos with my iPhone. At one point, without being asked, he handed money to one of the security people and asked him to go get me a bottle of water. When he thought all was finished he wished me well and left.
I was almost tearful when he reappeared with an Apple T-Shirt that he went back to get for me. I asked if that means they didn’t get to 1,000 people yet, and he said, “No, they were all gone, but I talked to someone.” I’ll bet he did. Someone at one point asked me if he was a friend of mine, and I said, “He’s my lawyer.” I was joking, and Justin laughed, but perhaps I was taken seriously. In any case, I know that he was just there out of the goodness of his heart and I will never forget it.


Two for the Price of PAIN
On my way out of Royal Hawaiian Center I stopped in to see the new Apple Store. The manager (Steve Perry) that I had asked for help from earlier approached, and asked if my iPhone or MacBook Air had been damaged in the fall. I said, “No, just my body.” He told me that he is here from Apple Corporate to open the store and that he will be leaving tomorrow. I opened up my MacBook Air, took him to my Blog and said, “Go here tomorrow and read all about it”. I showed him the photos still on my iPhone, and he said. “The policeman that came in here didn’t tell me you were bleeding.” He then asked me if I wanted a T-Shirt. I said, “My lawyer already came in and got me one, but I’ll take another one for my wife.” Yep I got two.

As I type this I am grateful for the Vicodin I had left over from a past dental surgery, and am hopefull that I will be able to walk in the morning, as I cannot at the moment. I’ll surely keep you posted.

Follow Up Sunday Morning 9-28

I think I can see most of the colors in the rainbow this morning.
Follow Up Tuesday 9-30-08

Still Hurting; Still Bleeding; Still Crippled, but Still Working

I want to thank those of you that have posted, called and e-mailed me with your sympathy, wishes for a speedy recovery, and requests for a follow up posting on the status of my unfortunate mishap on Saturday.
Among those that called was Jeanette Castro from Carl Warren & Company.
WHO? Carl Warren is acting as the “Apple Claims Officer.” She said that her company received a copy of the incident report that was sent to them from Royal Hawaiian Center. Her concern was; yep, you got it; if I intend to file a claim against Apple or Royal Hawaiian Center.
While I appreciated the call, I had the feeling that if I had said, “Royal Hawaiian Center” that would have been the end of the call. I told her that I am undecided on this question. She then (very professionally) asked me for details of the accident, and I directed her to this Blog posting. She said that she would be sending me a letter outlining my options, and should I want to file a claim against Apple, to get in touch with Carl Warren & Company.
This call brought to light the fact that I have not heard a word from Royal Hawaiian Center, which is obviously aware of the situation, and are in fact run by people I like to think of as friends.
What I find most disturbing about this whole thing is how our society has become so “litigation fearful” that people are afraid to “get involved” to the point that they “look the other way” when someone is hurting, are hesitant to ask important questions when interviewing job candidates, and afraid to fire employees not doing their jobs.


No Fear Here!
I’m afraid that Donald Trump (Your Fired) would be in constant “deep pilikia” if it were not for television entertainment.


UPDATE - 10-1-08
I decided to return to the scene of the accident in the “light of day” to see what happened. By “light of day” I mean with a clear mind. The “problem” became crystal clear, and can be seen in the photos below.
The lower sidewalk was seperated by stantions to seperate the Apple participants from the general public. This greatly narrowed the walking space unless you were in line for a free T-Shirt from Apple.
Add that to the design of the flower planter (without flowers) and it is easily seen what happened. In looking at this today I felt fortunate that I did not tumble out into the line of traffic alongside of the lower sidewalk and the planter box.






I was pleased to finally hear from Sam Shenkus of Royal Hawaiian Center today, showing concern for my welfare and asking what she can do to help me. I asked her whose decision it was to devide the sidewalk with those stantions, and she said it was made by Steve Perry of Apple.
I intend to attempt a trip to Maui today. The good part will be having an excuse to wear slippers, meaning the security experience will be more pleasant.
Stay Tuned…


Thursday 10-2-08
I survived the trip to Maui, but realize today that it was a bit too much; lots of walking. I plan to put my foot up for the rest of the day, and watch the VP debate. That should provide an adequate “pain transfer” and a lot of good humor for me.
Here’s the latest… I got a call I got today from Todd Onaka at Kamehameha Schools; owner of Royal Hawaiian Center. He informed me that they are filing a claim with their insurance company regarding my accident. (I wonder how much that is for) He said that the sidewalk, while it’s on city land is definitely Royal Hawaiian Center’s responsibility because they got a city permit to put in the flagstone sidewalk. He said that Apple could not he held accountable for what happened. He said that they (Royal Hawaiian Center) would cover any medical or out of pocket expenses that I incur. He also stated that he thinks the center plans to plant more shrubs in the dirt area where I fell. Now that’s the most constructive comment I have heard yet.
There seems to be a lot of attention being paid to legal responsibilities here by everyone other than me. I don’t know of any way to compensate me for the pain and inconvienance I have gone through. It hasn’t been about money; maybe I am being stupid and should listen to Reality Check’s comments on this blog posting.
My goal here is letting people know what’s going on in my world, that’s what this Blog had been about since it started. The good that I have received from this is the realization that I have an audience out there. I have received many more telephone calls and e-mails than Blog comments from people I didn’t know were paying any attention to my ramblings.

Friday, 10-3-08
One week ago tomorrow I took this tumble. I don’t know if I was hurt more than I knew, or if healing just takes longer at 67 years old, but things still hurt. The most painful of all is the little finger. Isn’t that the way it is sometimes?


Little Finger - Big Pain
I sent this photograph to my dermitologist this morning and asked him if he thinks I have an infection brewing in here. I don’t know the answer yet, but am having dinner with him tonight. We are starting at his house with a martini, and if it’s anything like the last one he made me it should kill any bacteria anywhere in my body, if not me as well.

Update 10-5-08


Little Finger - Healing At Last
My dermitologist replied that I DON’T have an infection brewing in here, invited me to his home for a martini, and we went to dinner that evening. That was Friday; here it is on Sunday. While it is still quite sore, I can see it is healing.


Healing Hands
I had to cancel my weekly massage last week; too much pain, but today we went for it. My back had built up a lot of stress from both the fall and the different muscle usage from favoring the bad ankle, which I am pleased to report seems to be healing also. I still can’t get a shoe on that foot, but the swelling is going down and the pain level (1 to 10 scale) has dropped from a 15 (or higher) to about a 7.

UPDATE 10-11-08


Two Weeks Later
Well, it’s still sore but healing slowly. I cannot bend the little finger, but think I will be able to when healed.  I also went into Waikiki today to see what has been done with the potential ankle buster.


Mulch Filled
I see that they have filled the spot with fresh mulch, but have nor eliminited the hazzard. There is still a sharp edge on the flagstone and still a level difference from the walkway to the lower flower bed. I can think of numerous things that could be done to correct this hazzard. Maybe I am just more sensitive because I have spent the past two weeks inconvienced and suffering as a result of it. I have the feeling that they are no longer concerned since I have stated that I do not intend to file a claim odf any kind. I don’t think that should be the motivation. I got a call from the shopping center’s insurance company saying that he is going to send a very strong letter to Apple about this and that he feels they are at fault. Maybe they are waiting for Apple to repair it. I’m more interested in seeing some future person prevented from an accident than worrying about who’s fault this one was.

UPDATE 11-1-08


5 Weeks Later - 11-2-08 - Foot still Sore and Swollen

I was asked to update this. I visited the doctor and he said that it was a severe strain with muscle tearing and that it’s going to take quite a while before I am back out walking normally, let alone running.


Fingers Badly Scarred, Still Sore and Healing Very Slowly


Finger Disfiguration

The doctor said that the severe scarring has created finger disfiguration. I cannot close my little finger, and it really hurts when trying to. He gave me some medicine to apply twice a day for three weeks to thin out the scarring, with the risk of thinning the skin itself. That’s the latest!


Here I am Again


This Place is Looking TOO Familiar
Seven weeks is a long time to be in pain. I am still not running or power walking on my ankle, but I am getting around okay. The big problem is the little finger. It continues to be very sore to the touch, and has a huge red scar. I returned to my doctor today to see if he thinks that plastic surgery will be required, and he suggested trying some cortisone shots first.


The shots got the bleeding going again, so I am back in “bandage mode.” He said to call him in 5 days to see if the scarring and soreness has subsided any. We take our health for granted until something like this happens, and then it becomes quite apparent how sensitive something like a little finger can be. I suffer most when reaching into my jeans pocket for money. I guess some people find that painful anyway, but I usually enjoy it.


The Next Day
The corisone fluid seems to have made it even worse. I’m hoping this is one of those “looks worse before getting better” things.

24 Responses to “Apple Waikiki - Updated Again - 11-14”

  1. Tam Says:

    Ron - I am so glad that Justin was there by your side… what a wonderful man he seems. Give him a kiss from me!

    The rest if the expereince sounds terible… I hope you feel better tomorrow. Keep with the ice, and the way that ankle swelled, looks like a sprain at the least. Tape or brace it tomorrow for walking… and if still swollen, extremely sore in the morning - have it looked at.

  2. Reality Check Says:

    Hey Ron; need a good lawyer?
    I don’t know anything about the depth of that shopping center’s pockets, but I do know that Apple has been screwing over a lot of people for a long time, is arrogant and rich. This was your lucky day. Get yourself a New York based jewish lawyer, and sue those fat cats for plenty.
    It’s one thing to document your injuries, but more importantly start a list of your inconveniences and missed or business accounts, It was nothing more than greed that had them cheering customers while you were lying there hurting.
    Sic em tiger!!!

  3. Legal Eagle Says:

    People like Reality Check are why business insurance is as high as it is. I don’t know Ron, but from his Blog he sounds like a guy that’s in it for business, although I doubt if the arrogance at Apple would allow them to use him to better their business; after all they have packed stores everywhere.
    Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center is another story. Their long overdue remodel is finally taking shape, yet things like an unfinished sidewalk in front of of a 1,000 person grand opening, without a construction barrier, is a big oversight.
    As for the people walking by and others not paying attention to Ron on the sidewalk, it is because of their fears of legal action should their “help” actually create added injuries.

  4. UH Student 101 Says:

    Hey Ron,
    How about posting a photo of your ankle in the morning?
    I’m a medical student and will offer an opinion as to if you should go get an x-ray.
    Minor broken bones in the foot can show up at a later time and if not repaired, could become troublesome for years to come.
    “An ounce of prevention…”

  5. Overboard Says:

    There is such a thing as compensation for pain and suffering. If it was me, someone would pay; big time!

  6. Patty Sherman Says:

    Aloha Ron,
    I re-read your blog this morning and am still aghast! How all those people could leave you lying there is beyond me.
    Then to have the Apple representative be so uncaring–he was in a new territory to open a new business for his company! He represents Apple and what he did was poor public relations for his people!

    Your friend Justin is truly a friend and a person who knows what the Aloha Spirit is about. I am certain he would have rendered aid to anyone else in a similar situation.

    As for the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center I would suggest this entire blog be sent to the GM immediately. They need to be aware of the dangers of incomplete work and lack of signs/barriers/etc.

    It’s time to educate our employees on the basics of paying attention to people and their needs. Worrying about someone cutting in line verses recognizing someone who requires assistance are pretty fundamental!

    Take care–we need you out there!

  7. UH Student 101 Says:

    Ron - It is apparent that you have a lot of bleeding under the skin. Your foot has been severely traumatized. The biggest factor is your ability to put weight on it. I know that it’s Sunday; not a great day to go to the hospital, so your pain level should be the determinant as to if you can wait until tomorrow.

  8. Arthur Patty Says:

    Hey Ron,
    I’m sure the powers at Royal Hawaiian know who you are, and I cannot imagine that they aren’t watching your Blog. I’d also think that someone from Royal Hawaiian must have been at the Apple opening. My question is, “Has anyone from RHSC called you to see how you are doing?

  9. Runaway Says:


    I am so sorry about your accident. Please make sure you get a tetanus shot and you have to be careful of MRS bacteria, flesh eating bacteria etcetera. Earlier this year I fell over on an uneven driveway and sprained my ankle. I went back later and talked to the homeowner and told her to call the Department of Public Works and they will come out and replace her driveway and raised sidewalk for free, I even handed her the phone number. Homeowners are responsible if there is an issue and it isn’t phoned in to be fixed. Hers was fixed within two weeks. If the shopping center had a call in for repair but it wasn’t done yet, then they are off the hook. But if they never called it in then they are. Someone else could sue now that they are aware of it if it isn’t fixed right away. I bet it will be fixed or coned right away now.

    Take lots of Vitamin C and aloe vera gel compresses, (the lumpy kind in the brown bottle from the health food store), will help with the bruising. Soak it in warm epsom salts after icing it first for a day or two. It will probably hurt for months to a year if it is a sever sprain, you will need to soak it nightly. Definely get it x-rayed if you have any problems wiggling your toes or if the swelling doesn’t go down. There really isn’t much that can be done unless you need a cast.

    I don’t think you were the only one that fell in that spot. Usually it has happened to others. Someone could have cracked their head open. Take hydrochloric acid to kill any bactria and pink mineral salts.

    Find out what your blood type is and eat from the highly beneficial list and you will heal even faster. Contact me if you need more info. You can also find someone who does frequency clearing or bioenergenic feedback. Look up Royal Rife who discovered over 50,000 frequencies and how to read and push them back to clear any issues. You can clear all kinds of viruses, bacterias, allergies, candida, fungus, cancer, everything with the radio wave frequencies. It is how they perform surgeries at the Holistic wing of a Minnesota Hospital. In a Pittsburg hospital my friend just had the small cancer on his liver zapped. Very Star Trek, Dr. McCoy type stuff, but it works and is not expensive. Our family is getting lots of our issues zapped.

    Hope you heal well and feel better soon. It is scary isn’t it to see how fragile we really are.

  10. Runaway Says:

    Has anybody called you to let you know if the shopping center marked for caution or fixed the broken pavement so nobody else gets hurt?!?!? If it were me I would make sure they take care of this pronto, and if they don’t then it would be time to intimidate them, though first using some Dale Carnegie verbage. This area should be spray painted orange and taped off until it is fixed. Hope you are healing quickly, and aren’t in too much pain.

  11. admin Says:

    Ron Here:
    Mahalo to Runaway and others showing concern.
    The “pavement” is actually an unfinished new flagstone sidewalk that is being installed as a part of their remodel. I’m sure they thought it was “out of the way” of pedestrians, but what they didn’t think about was that by dedicating 90% of the walking space to the Apple opening, pedestrians were forced to walk in a very narrow space, including that sharp unfinished piece of flagstone that tore me up.
    I have not heard from anyone as to what they have done after the fact, but plan to go there myself today with my trusty iPhone camera. Stay tuned!

  12. Reality Check Says:

    Hey Ron;
    What the hell are you waiting for. Call Sol Goldstien now. If you had only fallen i into the street and been run over by a truck, your wife would be set for life.
    Well, unless she was driving the truck.
    Alive you get less; but get something for your suffering.

  13. Arthur Patty Says:

    Ron - I am glad to read that someone from Royal Hawaiian Center finally called you. It’s about time, it’s not like they wouldn’t recognize YOUR name if they read the report with any interest.
    When they sent it on to the Apple claims company maybe they thought that their hands were clean. I don’t think so; those latest photos clearly show that planter box to be what we call an “ankle buster.” Your experience proves it.
    And putting “T-Shirt Policing” ahead of human safety amounts to pure carelessness on their part. I just hope that you are okay, and that they learn something from this. Let’s keep an eye on that planter box and see. It wouldn’t take much to remove the hazard.

  14. Brighton Babe Says:

    It will take a lot more than a busted up ankle and ripped knuckles to dampen Ron’s humor and enthusiasm. And, God help anyone that does!
    GO RON! There’s only one you, and we need you out there keeping us up when so many things are trying to bring us down.

  15. That haole Says:

    Ron, Thanks for posting the to the blog, it is great! Maybe next time you should put down the iphone and mac and watch where you are walking. Maybe I’m missing something, or was this a sinkhole that just popped up(down). Amyway keep the posts going!
    Your seminar back when I was at CKC was priceless!

  16. Reality Check Says:

    Yes Ron; listen to me… you have them on the run, but are just to damn nice to run them over. The people you are talking to don’t give a rap about you, or the money they are pretending to be worried about. Their pockets are so deep they don’t even know where they stop. They are small pawns in a game. If they had any power they would already be waving some real money under your nose and handing you a pen to sign a release. You deserve more than a phone call, a-t-shirt and some out of pocket reimbursement. Jeez!!! They are expecting you to do what they would; sue baby sue!

  17. Runaway Says:

    Okay Ron,

    Here is the real deal. You have just slowed down due to this injury. You don’t know if this has thrown your back out of alignment so get a chiropractic adjustment, preferably with someone who has a water bed massage table to relax you first. While you are at home in the recliner repeatingly lift a small dumbbell from hand to hand to keep your cardiovascular system in shape, and eat a little fewer calories if you are not burning off as much during the day so you don’t gain weight or clog your arteries. Avoid ice cream and junk.

    I had been in several rear end collisions and never sued. My neck and back have given me problem ever since and I couldn’t prove that the last accident was the cause of my problems. Keep your options open in case you have complications later. The problem with the flagstone sidewalk is that is should have been dug into the ground so as to be flush with the dirt, not raise over it. The flagstone and the soil should have no transition. Idiot architectural design. shouldn’t have been approved.Lesson here folks. Anybody can fall off the edge of that sidewalk. Rain will just erode away any soil they add now unless they raise the curb. That whole sidewalk is too high off the ground and poorly designed without regard to the safety of the public. It is attractive but deadly. I say, perhaps, cut it, dig it out in pieces, dig under it, set it in so it is level with the rest of the ground. Then create a ramp where it has to meet up with other concrete sections so there is no bump. That would have cost more in the first place. Someone else is going to get hurt and sue them senseless because they may be seriously injured.

    My mom tripped on a cement barrier in a parking lot because they were reversing everything to make room for more cars, they left the barriersin and she hurt her knee for life, which caused all kinds of problems. She only got a little bit of money for bills, but at least they fixed the problem, reverting to the original layout. She was the fifth person that fell, nobody would help her until she cried and pleaded for paper towels to stop the bleading and begged for a chair. then they said, “Oh this happens at least once a week”.

    You only want to make sure you are not going to have permanent damage to your back, knees, and foot. How horrible it would be if this really hurt someone else. It is a precarious situation. We need you in top form. Take care.

  18. Tammy Says:

    Ron - thanks for the updates. That ankle worries me though. Please have it checked out.

  19. observant Says:

    Reality check…You are an immense douche bag. I’m not even suprised you’re voting for McCain and sitting here smearing Obama. No one else had the balls to say it but you all thought it. Even you, Ron.

    When did life become all about suing schemes and getting rich quick? I don’t think fred flintstone was out there throwing himself in front of dinosaurs for insurance money. Work brings money. Earn it like a man.

    Ron: maybe your pride in refusing medical attention so that no one will see you in pain was misplaced. Why is it so important that people don’t see you going to a hospital after you’ve been injured? You are an ordinary citizen. Why refuse medical attention when offered, but then sit here and give updates about how bad the injury was? You had a problem and it seems that instead of solving it right away, you decided to tell everyone about it.

    the pawn and the king go back in the same box when the game is over.

    Steve perry. he knew that you had been injured, but didn’t ask what other injuries had been sustained and put you out of his mind. Maybe I misunderstood but your wording here makes it seem like he knew HOW you hurt yourself (although maybe not to what extent, until a later time) but never mentioned that the sidewalk was his idea. He tried to bribe you with a t-shirt? That’s what it looks like.

    Bottom line? I think this entire blog and all of it’s updates are little over the top. If I had been in your place, and fallen? I’d probably be asked to stop blocking the sidewalk. I wouldn’t be surprised if this post gets deleted, despite a lack of vulgarity. Just clarity. You people forget that people still get shot out on the street every day.

    too bad some idiot already calls himself reality check, right?
    please make a comment here on anything at all if you haven’t been able to pay rent, been shot at or stabbed, or really not known if you’d make it through today, let alone tommorrow.

  20. Arthur Patty Says:

    I salute Ron for allowing “observant” to comment; rude as it was. At least this way your readers can judge him (or her) for what he (or she) is. You might want to edit out the vulgarity, but then again it helps point to the character of the writer.
    Perhaps Reality Check and Observant could get a package deal in an anger management class.

  21. UH Student 101 Says:

    Hey Ron,
    What’s the latest with your Apple injuries? How’s the healing coming along? Are you back out there running yet?

  22. UH Student 101 Says:

    It’s not like you to ignore a request. Please do an update on your condition. Concerned people want to know.

  23. admin Says:

    Ron Here - Okay UH 101 I have posted updated photos. Mahalo for your concern. It’s still not a pretty picture.

  24. Reality Check Says:

    If you don’t like Sol, call Abe Swartz. I assure you that there’s someone out there that would be more than happy to help get you compensated for the stupidity that caused you this pain and discomfort. It’s the American way, right?

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