Scareware Interview at Uraku
I got a call this week from Jim Mendoza of KGMB News asking if he could interview me about the recent scareware attack I had experienced.  I’m always up for any sort of publicity, so I said, “Sure, come on over.”


This is what happened:
I was searching through various images on the Internet looking for photos to use in my Blog, when suddenly I got a pop up telling me that I had a virus, and could remove the threat by clicking on the “Yes” button. When I did that, strange things started happening right away. It said that my existing virus protection could not handle it, and asked me to purchase new software. By now I was suspicious, and didn’t do that, but it was already too late.
The pop ups kept appearing and I couldn’t get rid of them no matter what I did, so I shut down. But, when I restarted, it was still a mess. It was late at night, but I called a good friend (a night owl) who is a computer whiz. He went to my PC from his computer and installed a new free spyware, ran it a couple of times, and cleared things up (I thought).


Chief Geek
The next morning I coincidentally received Jim Kerr’s SuperGeeks newsletter with this warning:

* You’re using your computer, minding your own business, when suddenly an alert pops up on your screen.
* The alert says there’s a virus on your computer and urgently requests you to take action.
* You click ‘OK’ or ‘Yes’ or whatever seems like the right thing to do and then you’re prompted to purchase the software to remove the virus.
* Wanting to take care of the problem, you pay for it and download the ’software.’
* The end.


That Wasn’t the End
The next morning the pop ups started coming again. I contacted Jim about his newsletter story and he sent “Geek Max” over to my house to fix it completely. My computer was full of Trojan viruses and other spyware software that the scareware had installed. In the process it had uninstalled my other virus protection. Max installed Avast, ran a scan and I am back in business.



I Wasn’t Alone
When I showed Jim and his cameraman what happened he said that the KGMB computer is at Supergeeks being treated for exactly the same thing. We sat down and talked about what happened, and the story appeared on the evening news. If you missed it, just CLICK HERE. It’s safe, I promise.

5 Responses to “KGMB News”

  1. Runaway Says:

    Evil lurks everywhere. Did they try to use your credit card numbers or did you cancel that card? Hurray for your friends at Supergeeks. Love the eyeglasse tape on the Chief Geek, it should be part of their uniform. Ron, we need the new system.

  2. Reality Check Says:

    So Ron, how dumb did you feel when you clicked on that Porno site?

  3. UH Student 101 Says:

    Does anyone know what should be done when that pop up first appears?

  4. admin Says:

    Aloha, Ron Here:
    These are my answers to the questions above.
    Runaway: “Did they try to use your credit card…” <<< They did, but I didn’t give it.
    Reality Check: “how dumb did you feel…?” <<< There was no pleasure moments as a part of this experience. You sound experienced at this.
    UH 101: “…what should be done…?” <<< Just close out (X Out) the pop up and move on. Doing that would have saved me $300 bucks and a lot of time and grief.

  5. All Hawaiian Says:

    I saw the interview on KGMB and the next day was attacked by the scareware. It looks like you saved me the $300 bucks; cool! Mahalo.

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