“I’ll Remember You”


Kui Lee
Kui Lee was a legend in Hawaii. He wrote the song, “I’ll Remember You”, sung by Don Ho and made even more famous by Elvis Presley. Kui also wrote “Days of My Youth”, that Don Ho imortalized in Waikiki. Kui’s sister, Leilani Lee, was my Hawaii manager back in my Empress Pearls days. When visiting Hawaii she would take me back stage at Don Ho’s show. That was a rare treat. She told me countless stories about Don Ho and her brother. Kui Lee died from cancer at only 34 years old, on my mother’s birthday, December 3, 1966.



“One Paddle, Two Paddle”
When I was growing up, “One Paddle, Two Paddle” described disciplinary action by my school teachers. In Hawaii it is the name of another song written by Kui Lee. I snapped this photo while doing my power walk at Ala Moana Beach Park this morning. My mind went back to the 70’s, and I thought about of Leilani, Kui, my mother and the lyricks of this song. 

One paddle, two paddle, three paddle,
Four to take me home
Fourteen on the right, fourteen on the left,
Take me to Hawaii nei, no ka best.

I went away a long time
Such a long time, a long time ago
Seen enough cities to last a lifetime
Goin’ away no more

I want to smell the fowers,
The sweet flowers when the trade winds blow
Seen enough fences to last a lifetime
Goin’ away no more

Yes, take me to my lover
My fair lover, I left long ago
Felt enough sorrow to last a lifetime
Goin’ away no more


Hawaii No Ka Oi
We should all be aware of the special things about wherever we live. Young people, up early on a Saturday morning, competing in their canoes, with their frinds and family cheering for them on the shoreline is very special indeed.

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  1. Local Girl Says:

    Ah; the memories of Kui Lee and Don Ho! Mahalo Ron, that was a great way to start my day today. You failed to mention that “One Paddle, Two Paddle” has become a Hula dance taught in every Hula studio and performed on stages throughout Hawaii. Kui surely left him mark on Hawaii. And Elvis; why do the good die so young?

  2. Reality Check Says:

    Good!?! I guess that Elvis was a good musician, but why he died young is no mystery. The guy was hyped up on so many drugs that it was a wonder he lasted as long as he did. He was NOT a good role model for those that idolized him.
    I don’t know anything about that Kui dude, but in the photo he looks pretty spaced out.
    I do agree that the canoe racing is pretty cool.

  3. Kimo Kealoha Says:

    What a nasty, sour person you are. Kui Lee had more talent (and Aloha) in his little finger than you no doubt have in your entire being.
    And for anyone to bad mouth Elvis is beyond my understanding. Go get another drink!

  4. Natalie White Says:

    No one will beat the king which is Elvis Presley.,,-

  5. Samantha Thomas Says:

    Elvis Presley is the only King, there would be no other music artist like him”’

  6. Gold Detector : Says:

    there would be no other king of Rock And Roll like Elvis Presly-.;

  7. Glass Shelving %0B Says:

    there would be no other king of rock and roll like elvis presley, he is the best and a legend *’~

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