What Makes One a Genius?


“Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered–either by themselves or by others.”
-Mark Twain


The Genius Bar
I sometimes question Apple’s use of the word “Genius” when describing the “help counter” found at all Apple Stores. As skeptical as that sounds, sometimes true genius does exist there. In 2009 Hawaii enacted a law outlawing the use of handheld devices while driving. At about the same time as the law went into effect both of my iPhone ear buds became defective, so I took them to the genius bar. Who remembers the iPhone3?


Genius Indeed
The resident “genius” blew some canned air into the earbud socket on my iPhone and a fairly large amount of pocket lint came out. He handed me back the iPhone, and the earbuds worked perfecly. Genius indeed!

2 Responses to “What Makes One a Genius?”

  1. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    Geniuses are defined by the discoveries they make to problems- across the board. It is usually an innovative way of solving problems. When Bill Gates predicted the wallet size cell phone as a replacement to the computer, people thought that was genius. It was an idea that no one has thought of at the time, but he predicted the future and saw that the trend in technology- smaller, lighter and more powerful processors- that indicated to the likelihood that this is the solution to carrying heavy laptops or having to be strapped in the office next to a PC. Twenty years later, cell phone are handling the majority of our transactions.
    In the microcosmic world of sales interaction with clients, one has to reinvent ways to produce sales. What can be said to a customer given what they are saying that will make them see the value and the need for the products to induce a sale? How can I improve my existing tools so that I sound convincing when I relay the bits of information? What can I learn from the failures of yesterday to bring about successes today? What can I learn from the successes of others around me and in the arena of sales that can be applied effectively in my world? How can I withstand the toll that all of this pressure-filled environment and stay fresh, healthy, energized and buzzing with vim and vigor so that my presentation and my environment become seductive enough for customers to be swayed to purchase? The genius ones come up with new ways to generate business.

  2. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    What makes one genius? Reinventing oneself is the primordial or germinal phase of endeavoring to become a genius. Keeping the mind active and sprite especially as the body deteriorate due to the natural aging process. Refusing to accept things as they are forever. Succumbing to mediocrity of the “It is what it is” when one knows one can be the purveyor of change and innovation. Maintaining calmness through the frustration and tedium of daily life so that the thinking process isn’t shrouded by superfluous “things”…

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