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“Maui Hotel Numbers Low Again”
The sub Headline said, “64% Occupancy, $238 Average Room Rate.” If you read further down into the article (most won’t) you see that “statewide occupancy” was more like 70%. When I see those percentages I always think, “% of how many rooms?”
I checked into The Westin Maui on Wednesday afternoon (9/9) and told the front desk clerk that I prefer the Beach Tower. She said, “They may all be gone, I’ll check.” Upon checking, she told me that room 470 was the last available room in that tower. I took it. I then asked her what the hotel occupancy rate is, and she said, “The high 90’s.” On my flight back to Oahu today I sat next to Michael Troy, Director of Advertising and Promotions for Starwood Hotels & Resorts. He confirmed that The Westin Maui is 98% full. I asked him how many rooms in the hotel and he said, “700 plus.” That adds up to 630 full rooms, and I can assure you they are a lot more than $238.
The media would be doing everyone in Hawaii a big favor if they would make the good news the headlines.

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  1. Lestie Says:

    Hi there all,
    It has been my experience (and as a result have learnt many lessons of caution) that when a person is close to something all the time, it becomes second hand, second nature and very easy to fall into a trap of sorts … that of taking things too lightly, or for granted or as standard practice etc. In this case Ron, could be that the reporter is so used to living off ‘bad’ news which sells, that he only looks for ‘bad’ news or only gives an alarmist spin on the ‘news’ he gets.

    Jim Rohn (or Confucius!) was reputed to have said “If a thing is easy to do, It’s also easy NOT to do.”

    I spent many many years in the recruitment and training industries, and when you are so close to personal information that we had at our fingertips all day and everyday, it became easy to forget just how valuable and private this information was; and I trained all the time on using it with integrity and caution. This is a huge subject alone, but I introduce it here just to make my point. There are many other insatnces which could be cited along these lines too. The banks, insurance companies, doctors, schools etc.; each and every institution could easily not use the info they have correctly.

    Looking at your teaching Ron. MADE EASY is your foundation on which you pin everything. Your theories, lessons, methods, practices, systems and rallies are all about doing things the right way which will lead to success. But, if it is easy to do - Greet a customer ‘properly’ say, well it’s also easy NOT to do - i.e. Greet the customer ‘properly.’ Now you take all your training Ron, and if someone who is lucky enough to have attended your rallies becomes careless, it could be that they will take it as second nature not to try anymore because, well they know it all already etc.

    So, to draw the threads of my post together, it seems that the journalist found it easier (as did the Editor) to report that figures were down than to spend a bit of time interpreting what he found and using the opportunity to uplift and motivate. Could also be sloppy reporting too? Ah well.

    Best wishes

  2. Runaway Says:

    These reporters are probably polling or asking one or two hotels and printing verbatim what they heard in a couple of the lesser quality hotel. Just a guess. Maybe it was an average. Maybe they know that pessimism sells.

    Ron, have you every offered to write a column for the paper? Have you ever thought of running ads in the paper? Have you ever written letter to the editor for the editorials? I am sure the people could use some of your offerings and you may even get more clients. Just a thought.


  3. Retailmagic Says:

    Sloppy reporting? Not! It’s just the opposite. These reporters work very hard to find something negative to print in a creative, well written manner. The problem lies with the public, where negativity is so easily embraced. Just turn off the TV and cancel your newspaper; things will get better.

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