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Don’t Take it for Granted
As a person who NEVER gets sick I tend to take my good health for granted. When sick people say, “Stay away” I say, “Give me a kiss, I’m immune.” While watching TV the other night someone (I don’t remember who) was talking about the pain associated with throwing up. I commented, “I honestly cannot remember the last time I threw up.” Well, I do now! Watch out for the power of words. I spent the next 24 hours going between the bed and the bathroom. I know it was some sort of food poisoning, but I still haven’t figured out what it was. After all, I’m a vegan and don’t eat the stuff that normally poisons people.
What I took from this experience was a newfound appreciation for feeling good and added empathy for those that are ill. I intend to eat less, drink more water and excercise more. It would be a real shame to take a journey throgh hell without learning something.

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  1. Pam Chambers Says:

    I remember telling a group (with no small amount of pride) that I am never late to a meeting or appointment. The next day, I was late. Never say never.

  2. Runaway Says:

    You may have ingest onions that were full of bacter. I just found out that when oinions are cut and then put away, they absorb bacteria because they are so wet. Most cases of what you are experiencing are from onions, and that is the first questions they ask in the hospital. Alaways keep charcoal capsules in the house or in your carry-on luggage, I do. The charcoal absorbs one hundred times its weight in whatever is going through your system. Take three at a time, morning noon and night and you will be right as rain the next day. Sorry you were down with something. You can get charcoal caps in any health food store. Don’t leave home without them…

  3. vidsolve Says:

    In addition to taking responsiblilty for our health and enlightening others also, we need to try and see things as they are and not always from our limited perspective. If we do that, then we care more and know more. This applies to anything. How many times have you had a discussion about something with someone, and it was painfully obvious to you that the other person has formed a ridgid viewpoint based only on their experience and you know they are wrong? We need to want to know the absolute truth about everything. If you desire that, you will get it. But if you cant let go of your beliefs long enough to consider other research etc, we get hard headed, and do not get to know the truth. The truth is, these bodies are vulnerable, we need to take care of them properly, and our bodies are not invincible. After all, we have to leave them after only 100 or so years, so take good care and be aware and informed. Positive thinking in most cases is great, but better than that is pro-active care and listen to our bodies carefully and respond, dont operate from a blanket thing of i dont get sick. rather, operate from “I won;t go unconcious to the needs of my body, i will give it the support it needs, and i will be sensitive to its needs.”

  4. Reality Check Says:

    Anybody ever heard of a doctor?

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