Look For the Good News


Focus on the Positive
Even when the news is good the economists and media find a way to spin it negatively. Take a look at the headline for this article published by PBN today:
“New Hawaii Economic Forecast Shows Less Decline”
Why can’t the same article be stated this way?
“New Hawaii Economic Forecast Shows Signs of Recovery”
Reading on, the article says, “University of Hawaii economists are forecasting smaller-than-expected declines in visitor arrivals and income this year followed by modest growth next year.” It’s the words “decline” and “modest” that take the shine off of the good news.The article goes on to say, “But they warn that it won’t be a return to business as usual for the state for some time. Hawaii’s economy will continue to shed jobs over the next six months and it will take more than two years for personal income to return to 2007 levels, according to the quarterly forecast released today by the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization.”
Well, the last forcast wasn’t accurate; maybe this one won’t be either. Attitudes and belief are key factors in success and it would be so nice if we could read more “good news.” If you haven’t heard any good news lately, call me, I have a lot of it to tell you.
The ending statement in this article reads; “The number of visitors from Japan is forecast to fall by 4.1 percent this year, far less than the 13.8 percent drop predicted in June.” There’s the real story. It would be so cool to see the headline, “Pessimistic Forcast in June Was Way off - Japanese Visitor Numbers are on the Increase.”
The problem with headlines is that many people do not read beyond them, or “into” them. Now is the time to express optimism and courage.

4 Responses to “Look For the Good News”

  1. Reality Check Says:

    There goes Ron with his rose colored glasses again. The reality is that the economy still sucks and will for a very long time.

  2. Arthur Patty Says:

    Reality Check needs one. Ron is spot on here. The sad thing is that it will never change, bad news sells.

  3. The Money Man Says:

    Unfortunately it’s all true. The media will always highlight the bad news and slant the good news. That’s just the way it is. I have been told that several “All Good News” publications have failed. People love to hear about other people’s problems; perhaps it just makes them feel better.

  4. Barbara Coors Says:

    The future is as bright as you see it. Turn off the news, cancel the newspaper and follow your feelings to where you want to be. As I have heard Ron say so many times, “It’s Easy.”

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