So Many Choices


Make Up Your Mind!

“To change a habit, make a conscious decision, and then act out the new behavior.”
-Maxwell Maltz

I read once that successful people make decisions quickly, and then change them (if at all) very slowly. Less successful people tend to do the opposite; they agonize over making the decision, and once they do, they change it quickly and easily. They think, “Should I or shouldn’t I”… and then shortly after deciding, they think, “Maybe I shouldn’t have…”

It is more about making your decisions right than making the right decisions. Decide what’s best, and then get behind that decision. Do what it takes to make it the right decision. Be determined to succeed; the answers to all other questions along the way will come to you.

Don’t wonder about it; Do It!

4 Responses to “So Many Choices”

  1. Lestie Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    The Universe favours action and it is true that we have to do what we have to do so we can get to that point where we can do what we really want to do. And that all starts with a decision. Even taking no decision is a decision in itself, only it wastes time and brain space.

    South Africa

  2. vidsolve Says:

    This perfectly describes most peoples way of operating, and ironically it is exactly how our state government operates also. No foresight, no proactive action, just mop up after the calamity. i often look at our state and county govts to reinforce how i dont want to act. They also put on a show constantly cutting grass on the highways trying to make us feel like they are doing great things when they should be paving our roads. They dont want to lay anyone off, and they have no money to pave the roads. if they operated like a business, those extra people would be looking for another job elsewhere, but they cannot lay off anyone, its not good for their political future. there is such an amazing correlation between their behavior and ours. Dont cut the grass every five seconds when your home needs structural repair. Get down and get done what really needs getting done, no matter how hard or unpleasant. success requires discipline.

  3. Alex Jamison Says:

    I too am with Ron on this. When I see people trying to decide if to do something or not, I want to scream, “MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”

  4. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    Making a decision to do something requires some time, but once it is time to do it, one should just do it.

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