Opportunity Shopping


It’s NOT Spying
“Opportunity Shopping” is a rapidly growing segment of our business. I am turned off by the terms “Mystery Shopping” and “Secret Shopping” as they infer “spying.” If you are shopping your competition that’s the case, but to shop your own business is “managing.” Business owners have a right to know what is happening with THEIR customers.
“Opportunity Shopping” is shopping for opportunities to be better. There always are some.


It’s Money in the Bank
Our clients tell us that my personal comments at the end of every Opportunity Shopping Report amount to a “Sales Class.” When owners and general managers visit stores they see employees on their best behavior. When salespeople do better everyone benefits. Salespeople, stores and landlords make more money; customers get a long lasting memory of the experience. Seeing behavior as the customer sees it is priceless. “Listening” to the customer will always generate more sales by way of better “Salespersonship.”

2 Responses to “Opportunity Shopping”

  1. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    Opportunity shopping is one of the great tools to measure the performance of sales team- their attitudes, adherence to sales principles, levels of engagement, level of intensity to overcome objections, and the context and content of the sales process. The report is objective and fair. Even when salespersons detect that this is an opportunity shopper , they are reminded to change certain things and do better than before…

  2. vidsolve Says:

    Very good point about being reminded to do better, a good salesman should take every opportunity to reflect on how they are caring for people and take action to improve. without caring or self reflection, life is not worth living.

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