Why Brush Your Teeth?


HOW and WHY!
Can you remember a time when you knew HOW to brush your teeth, but not WHY you should?
There is always (well usually) a good reason for doing things.
When you are asked to do something by your company (or your mother) try to understand WHY, not just HOW.
“One who knows HOW to do a job can keep it. One who knows WHY can be the boss.”
-I forget who said that.
Bosses (and mothers) must know the WHY in order to get people who know HOW to do some things that are good for them, but that they might not WANT to do. How alone is not good enough.
Once YOU learned WHY you should brush your teeth, MOM’S job got easier. The same is true in business and in selling. If you do not know WHY, and are not told, ASK!

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