Learning While Driving


“Look Mom, No Hands”

This is an e-mail I just received:

Howdy Ron,
Yep; I’m a Texas Girl. I have been using Retail Selling Made Easy for more than 8 years now. I keep one copy by my bedside and another in my store.
I spend a lot of time driving, and was thinking that perhaps you should make an audio version of this great book. If you do, count me in as one of your first buyers.
Thanks for all that you do.

Mary Lou Parker
Dallas, Texas

My Reply:

Mary Lou
Aloha Y’all,
Actually, it was done a while back and we have them in stock. I am going to send you one “on me” because of your kind words.

If anyone else would like to order one, “It’s Easy”; Just CLICK HERE: I will get it to you before Christmas.

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