Eddie Sherman 1924-2013


At 9:30 PM on 1-22-2013 Hawaii’s beloved Eddie Sherman floated away to join his many friends in a more comfortable place. Of all of the things he accomplished while here, none topped marrying Patty. They loved each other in the best possible way. He meant everything to Patty, and she to him. I felt so sad, yet fortunate to be with him and Patty in his last moments.


Local Celebrity - National Friends

In his youth, Eddie became friends with the likes of John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, Sophia Loren, and locally Don Ho and Jim Nabors by way of his weekly columns in Mid-Week Magazine and Honolulu Advertiser. He wrote about those relationships in his book, FRANK, SAMMY, MARLON and ME. It’s available at Amazon.com. I just ordered a Kindle copy to read again.


“Keep Smiling”

This is something you never had to say to Eddie. He always was. It was an honor to be called his friend. Not because of the company he kept, but because of who he was. I first met Eddie out on the North Shore, taking in the view from Wyland’s Lanai. It was immediately apparent to me that this was a special man. When talking with him, Eddie would listen with an intensity like no other. And when his turn to talk came, he would floor me with his wit, wisdom and humor. Those qualities stayed with him until the very end. We will all miss Eddie Sherman. “Aloha my friend.”

4 Responses to “Eddie Sherman 1924-2013”

  1. P T Brent Says:

    Bravo Zulu Ron
    As usual - well done
    Hawaii lost a treasured journalist and we lost a friend

  2. vidsolve Says:

    Eddie had an uncanny ability to really listen, and offer unique insight into whatever you were discussing. I remember speaking with Eddie at Rons 70th birthday party, that was an awesome party, great people, and i will remember fondly speaking with Eddie for a very long time. He offered great ideas to me, he almost insisted on helping me even though i just wanted to talk story. Great man, will be sorely missed.

  3. Pam Chambers Says:

    Very nice tribute, Ron. When he and I lived in Niu Valley, he stopped me on the street one day and asked me about myself. And he listened! He made me feel special. HE was special.

  4. Char Rhodes Says:

    ” Every beauty which is seen here below by persons of perception resembles more than anything else that celestial source from which it come…”

    My heart goes out to you Patty for your loss. With Aloha, Char

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