Trouble in Apple City


OH NO!!!
My beloved 27″ iMAC Solid State computer opened up like this right after the Super Bowl game ended. I couldn’t help but wonder if it had something to do with the power outage and game delay in New Orleans yesterday. My better senses told me that was not likely, so I simply shut down and re-started. It is amazing how many things that process will fix. Well, the same thing happened again, so I shut it down again re-started it again, and the same thing happened again. After doing this two or three more times, Einstein’s quote of insanity popped into my head:
Insanity; “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”
-Albert Einstein



This was especially troubling to me, because I have an upcoming trip to California later this week, and more than a small amount of preparation to do, much of which would require some of the information buried in this computer. And since I had an early morning success rally in Honolulu, and knew I might be rushed, I wrapped it in “swaddling clothes,” and took it down to my car immediately and laid it in the backseat. I then went online and booked an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar the following morning. Next was laying awake all night figuring out how I was going to be able to replace what was in that computer and be able to do what I do every day on my MacBook Air throughout the week. Much (but not all) of the information in that computer is also on iCloud, so I would also have it on my MacBook Air, and my iPad Mini. Realizing that reduced a fair amount amount of the stress I was feeling. I also have everything backed up on an external hard drive, so in the worst case scenario I would be able to load it all back into a new computer. Realizing that reduced even more stress. Sometimes when you are in a stressful situation your mind just doesn’t think of all the possibilities.


Geniuses Galore:

However, when I arrived for my genius bar appointment, the stress began to come back. The person who greeted me was very short and snappy. Her opening comment was, “We will get to you as soon as we can, and you only have 15 minutes. If you need more than that you will have to make an additional appointment.” I thought to myself, “That’s not the Apple way. Steve Jobs would have rolled over in his grave had he heard that.” I actually said, “Hey be nice.” She quipped back, “Well, we are very busy.” I wanted to tell her that I am busy too, but instead I just said, “I’m sorry so many people are having so many problems with their Apple products.” My sarcastic comment did not faze her at all, she just walked off to another customer. The truth is I have had nothing but positive results since switching to Mac, and I was able to think of so many better things that she could have said at that moment. But however the stress was getting to her.

The Diagnosis:





At this point the “Genius” told me that my Apple Care warranty is still in effect, so there won’t be a charge, but my computer may or may not come back with all of my information still in it. He asked me if that would be okay, and I said, “Of course not, however if that’s the way it is, that’s the way it is.” I then went on to tell him that I have written five books and in my first one, SUCCESS MADE EASY there’s a chapter entitled “Stuff Happens.” Just telling him that reminded me of the philosophy in the chapter, and all of my stress went away.

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  1. vidsolve Says:

    Steve Jobs has left us, and now apple is not the same. seems crazy, but one person can have such a powerful influence that yes, the company will not function properly without that one person, and such is the case with apple IMHO. Look at their stock and their iphone sales lately. This is due to Steve not being at the helm anymore, no one gets it like Steve did, and stuff happens as a result. You deserve better than what you got from the clerk. There is no excuse for her to have that attitude. I experienced a similar situation at the waikiki apple store- rushed and bullied, sloppy and rude behavior. No excuse for that no matter what. I would have reminded them how much money you have spent there, and it is my opinion that clients who spend the most deserve the best service. It may go contrary a bit to your teachings, but that is how it goes generally in this world. I am not rude to anyone, and i serve my best clients much faster than the rest because of their loyalty to me and their actions towards me. I have x amount of time, i am not going to shaft the client who showers me with money to take care of someone who has not spent a dime, it is simple to me. I would call them and let them know how much you have spent on apple products, and yes it is time for them to now take care of a premium customer- Ron Martin. I am a loyal apple user, and am not surprised to see many blunders lately from apple, and i do equate apples sloppy and very impersonal responses to Steve not being in the loop. No one there has much going for them compared the the visionary and caring person who was Steve Jobs. Apple would not be sliding and blundering if he was at the helm. One person can really make a massive difference, and one person can make an indelible mark on the universe. That is inspiring.

  2. admin Says:

    Here’s another one; a friend of mine was at the Apple store checking his email. One of the clerks came over and said, “You know this is not an Internet café.” This is another instance where Steve would have rolled over in his grave at least once. What she didn’t know, and it shouldn’t matter, is that she was talking to a millionaire who could afford anything in the store, and often times buys everything in the store.

  3. vidsolve Says:

    Wow! They do not even do that at starbucks, where i see bums with laptops buy a small cup of coffee and dominate the sofa for HOURS on end, which i find appalling!!!! Starbucks position is to never hassle any customer, and i understand why, but now i come in, buy a $5 drink and cant sit down on the soft sofa, sometimes cant sit anywhere. What is the best way to handle that as a business, and how do we ever get thru apples “cut it with a knife” attitude that has taken over since Steve’s passing? This is where you, Ron, can offer the best way to deal with this. You do not want to offend customers, you do not want to impose too many rules, but what about the customer who spends a lot of money at an establishment who is GREATLY inconvenienced by bums? No one can figure out the solution better than you can, please chime in. This topic would be a terrific new blog item. Mahalo!

  4. admin Says:

    I have a philosophy that when a company gets big enough they often times do everything wrong without any help. Offering FREE WIFI is a catch 22. The high road of course is when you catch the good customer, but there is always the risk of someone taking up your space and not spending money.
    I was in Honolulu Coffee Company the other day meeting with a client when the barista came over to our table and said, “Would you like to order something?” I was not offended, even a bit embarrassed as I looked up and said, “Sure are you taking orders today?” We all ordered coffee and everyone benefited.
    I read Steve Job’s autobiography, and without a doubt can see a difference in philosophy today. While I would like nothing more than to play a role in their success, I sense there is complacency at the top and that’s a tough one to overcome. Just look at how much the service has changed at Walmart over the years since Sam Walton died.
    I guess the bright side of these monster’s sinking is the door is open for the new
    upstart that still has a vision like those two guys did.

  5. john rogers Says:

    The problems are always originating from the top, yeah? Without a change of attitude at the top, everyone does not care and nothing happens i suppose. I cant imagine becoming a pc person, but if apple continues to descend, you never know. i do have my eyes on the new samsung galaxy mini-tablet phones, they have dual processors, have a much larger screen size than iphone and are lightening quick to load pages. they are a bit big for a phone, but awesome for internet and apps. Great for going on the road, almost no need for the laptop and faster thru security. Anyway, back to change at the top- wouldn’t it be wonderful if government could actually want to serve us with care? Won’t ever happen without those at the top pushing everyone below them for a change. Lots of cheating and stealing at the top, which makes for a wonderful example for those below to emulate.

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