Great Example of Heart and Courage
When Big Mike Palcic learned that he would require a liver transplant he remained as positive and as jovial as always.
This from Mike, “I left home September 25th to be close to the transplant center. You must be within a ‘4-hour radius’ of the hospital when an organ becomes available.
I received the call for transplantation on Monday, January 7th at 7:00 AM and was in surgery that afternoon, three and a half months after arriving in San Diego. When I get home on April 3rd it will have been over 6 months of adventure for me.”


Mercedes Man

Upon completion of the surgery Mike sent me this photo saying, “I have been permanently branded as a Mercedes Guy.” I was inspired by his positive attitude, and asked him for permission to share his lighthearted approach to this very serious situation with others, and he readily encouraged me to do so.


Humor Helps

Remaining in character, Mike continued sending me humorous photos of himself as he was transformed into a “New Man.” Modern medicine is pretty amazing.


New Man Indeed
Mike earned the title “Big Mike” by getting up to around 375 pounds. I got this photo today of Mike showing him as a “Dapper Dude” 150 pounds lighter.


Classic Kiss
As Julia left San Diego, she and Mike struck this classic pose. The world would be a much happier place if everyone could approach life’s situations with humor and a positive attitude.



Mike; You have been an inspiration to me, and I know that Julia, Petey and Ipo will love having you back home. We all will.



BIG Mike shows off his Cauliflower garden.


Mr. Cool!


If approached by weirdoes on the street, I inquire, “Now, Boss?”
He softly replies, “No, not now, Guido.”

-Big Mike


“Some say the pain was prevalent.”


“The Flowering Pear trees  were in full bloom when we got to Balboa Park.”


“Petey & Ipo Looking for Daddy”


“Can’t wait to get home and make some of my famous beach burgers.”




Loving Life! 



Feb 26, 2011:  I had my last alcoholic beverage.

Feb 26, 2013:  Should I take this margarita?


“Here’s to you…


9 Responses to ““BIG MIKE””

  1. Michael Palcic Says:

    Ron, I do want you (and everyone) to know the deep appreciation and
    gratitude I feel for all that I have been given in this whole ordeal.

    My heartfelt thanks goes out to all my family, friends and associates,
    to the team of medical professionals at Kaiser and Scripps; as well as
    to those, who may have even been complete strangers to me but have helped
    me in some small or large way. I have received moral support and
    encouragement from every quarter, financial support, top-quality advice
    on how to handle every aspect of the preparation and completion of the
    process, hospitality beyond imagination, not to mention good humor and fun.

    It amazes me how all this has come together for my benefit. I am truly
    humbled that such things could come to pass. I feel truly blessed.

  2. vidsolve Says:

    Hi Mike,

    You are an inspiration to me. I just completed what i thought was a grueling medical procedure- i had surgery for colon cancer recently, it is a nasty and aggressive type of tumor, and luckily for me there was just that one and they cut it out and am cancer free for now. It was an ugly diagnosis and at the time they were not sure if it had metastisized or not, and so i refused to freak out about it, stayed positive and made it thru. All this is nothing compared to what you are going thru! You are a real trooper! One thing that really resonates for me with your story is how things fell into place, that is exactly what happened with me as well. The medical team took care of everything, relationships got closer and better with everyone. It was hard at times to see any good side to this, but it actually did turn out that way to my amazement. Hey we all have to leave this place eventually, but it is nice to experience everyones support and love. Life goes on…Aloha!

  3. Patrice Federspiel Says:

    Thank you Ron, for sharing Mike’s story with the rest of the world.

    Mike has always been a fun, sweet, helpful man, known for years in town as the “Head Cheese” at Mac Mouse Club. We look forward to having him back home, on our shores again in a few weeks’ time. Life is what we make of it, and Mike certainly knows how to make it a fun-filled adventure!

    Aloha, Patrice

  4. Rolf Nordahl Says:

    Just for the record, Mike was known as the Big Cheese at MacMouse CLUB.

    We are all thrilled at his recovery and transformation. Mahalo Ron, for posting this!

    Rolf Nordahl
    Head Cheese

  5. Michael Palcic Says:

    Yes, I was the BIG CHEESE and Rolf is still the HEAD CHEESE, but let’s not forget our technician, James, CHEEZE WIZ !! It was a grand run and a satisfying experience for me working at MacMouse club for 20 years, not the least of which was getting to know you, Ron. Mahalo plenty.

  6. Michael Palcic Says:

    Dear Ron, That is a VERY healthy BURGER. 1.) It’s small (a SLIDER) 2.) Top quality BEEF (low in FAT) 3.) FRESH VEGGIES 4.) The BUN is a dinner roll. 5.) A little MAYO and MUSTARD never hurt anyone. It’s a burger you can embrace.

    As a famous character once said, “There is nothing in the world that can compare with a HAMBURGER, divine and rare. A HAMBURGER lives for the pleasure it gives. I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a HAMBURGER today!” — Wimpy

  7. Michael Palcic Says:

    Are we having fun yet?

  8. admin Says:

    Make the mayo Vegenaise, eliminate the cow, and I’ll join you. I have not eaten anything with a mother in close to 50 years now. I’m 71 years young, never get sick, and my last cold was about 48 years ago.
    When I went in for my hernia surgery a few months ago they put me through several “pre op” tests which I have never had before, and when getting off of the treadmill she told me that I have the blood pressure and stamina of a teenager.
    I wish that I could say that I have a few other things I had as a teenager. :-)

  9. Bert Says:

    Mike; We don’t know each other, but I am aware of your success at Mac Mouse and more recentl at Scripps. Congratulations on both.
    Do take Ron’s warning seriously. Meat represents pain, suffering and death; first for the animal that experienced it and next for the person who consumes it.

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