Meet Scruffy


-Guard Cat
Sometime around 2005 this sassy orange cat appeared at the Grand Hotel in Waikiki and took up residence in the garage. Even though she was mostly wild, she was soon embraced by the residents. At one point she was injured while “protecting the property” from a feline intruder and the residents took up a collection to have her treated.


Three years after moving in she was promoted to her official capacity as Guard Cat with her photo on the wall along with other employees. Her care and feeding are officially budgeted by the hotel. She is still a bit wild, but does cozy up to folks who feed her and take the time to get to know her. She likes greasy chicken bits and loves steak and other beef. She does not like big meals, preferring several small meals.


-On the Job
Scruffy is independent, and aggressively protects her territory that she circumnavigates each night looking for intruders.
She does all the usual cat things, like keeping other cats away and catching the occasional rat. Her care and feeding are budgeted expenses of the Waikiki Grand Hotel.


I salute Rolf Nordahl and the other residents and board members at the Waikiki Grand Hotel. The mis-treating of animals is far too common these days, so it’s very heart warming to learn about Scruffy and her “Human Partners.

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  1. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    Every enterprise has needs and although human resources departments and managements make a concerted effort to addresses and satisfy those needs, there is, and more often than none, those areas that get overlooked. This cat more than defined her role and demonstrated that there is a need for her. Surely, she worked hard, beat the odds, and found a better home than the wilderness.

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