Professionals vs. Amateurs


Why Not Go Pro!?

My first business partner was a professional baseball player, as a result I was able to witness the behavior of professionals up close. Most kids played some baseball, football or basketball as youngsters, but only a select few become pro ball players and succeed at that level. The same is true in business and in the workplace. Each one has chosen to play at a higher level than that which was required to keep the job.


They are Everywhere

Professionals and amateurs can be found in all walks of life; sports, business, law, medicine, the arts, and of course sales,
Some Attributes Found in Professionals:

-Professionals maintain a high standard of ethics, behavior and work activities as either an employee or self-employed person.
-Professionals put the interest of the client ahead of their own interests.
-Professionals demonstrate a high level of work morale and motivation.
-Professionals have interest and desire to do a job well while holding a positive attitude towards al aspects of the job at hand.
-Professionals treat relationships with colleagues in the most respectful manner at all times.
-Professionals subject themselves to strict codes of conduct enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations.


Competition is Healthy

When you compete you win. There may be only one person that finishes first, but all professionals always win in the end. Whatever you do, choose to do it like a professional would.

-Professionals stand out; amateurs blend in.
-Professionals know how and why they should do things; amateurs only know how.
-Professionals work when they need to; amateurs when they feel like it.
-Professionals go to work because they want to; amateurs because they have to.
-Professionals start a new project as soon as they finish the current one; amateurs give themselves a well deserved a break as soon as they can.
-Professionals take pride in their work; amateurs don’t really care.
-Professionals don’t have time for endless tinkering; amateurs can tinker all day if allowed to.
-Professionals judge their work by results; amateurs by their efforts.
-Professionals make deadlines; amateurs avoid deadlines.
-Professionals accept, even embrace criticism; amateurs become hostile when criticized.
-Professionals think big; amateurs think small.
-Professionals solve problems, amateurs make excuses.
-Professionals visualize success; amateurs fear failure.
-Professionals practice; amateurs don’t need to.
-Professionals remain students; amateurs graduate prematurely.
-Professionals understand the importance of attitude and commitment; amateurs think it’s all luck.
-Professionals make it look easy; amateurs are convinced that it’s hard.
-Professionals learn from their mistakes; amateurs deny them.
-Professionals see opportunities everywhere; amateurs overlook them.
-Professionals are even tempered; amateurs quick tempered.
-Professionals are patient; amateurs impatient.
-Professionals are organized; amateurs disorganized
-Professionals arrive early; amateurs on time at best

What Level Are YOU Playing At?

8 Responses to “Professionals vs. Amateurs”

  1. Allison Marks Says:

    “What Level Are YOU Playing At?”
    WOW; what a powerful question this is. It surely has me thinking.
    I’m sure that I could step it up a notch.
    I see more than a few areas on this list where I need to start.
    Thank You!!!

  2. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    An advantage of competition and being around the pros, is that one is offered exemplary models of success. One can learn the tools of the trade and effective strategies towards becoming successful- and on a daily bases. There are certain behaviors that increase the likelihood of success that one can incorporate in pne’s systems

  3. vidsolve Says:

    Professionals actually care about what they do for a living and choose to do what they are in love with and hence good at. They see a purpose for their life and work, not just go for what is hot in the economy at the moment. They actually care about other peoples success and happiness and try to promote others that they see are striving for excellence and do not feel envious towards those who are successful.

  4. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    Also, wanted to add that great habits do stand out from the rest. Moreover, good habits yield good results and those get noticed, especially that we are in a sales environment where everything contributes to the bottom line. As Ron said in his book, if one puts pressure on the system, the system will preform… New habits are hard to incorporate at first, but they have intrinsic values and eventually yield results.

  5. Phoenix Dupree Says:

    Great article Ron. Thank you for helping me and so many others to become even more professional. Positive attitude and action are the key.

  6. Bill Taylor Says:

    There is a big one I see missing here and that is that professionals make more money than amateurs.

  7. Bobby Winslow Says:

    Fabulous post! It’s so true about these differences, and while there are many more amateurs out there than pros, given the option I would rather work with or buy from a pro.

  8. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    The more I read the difference between professionals and amateurs, the more I am reminded to maintain the good habits established in the successful system that I imbibed and learned from Ron Martin. It is a new day, new beginnings and the opportunities are abound. Time to execute better than ever before.

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