Thoughts Become Things


Little Words

It’s those little words that you think or say that create what you may or may not want. The universe does not recognize the differences between positive and negative thoughts.
If you say to yourself or someone else, “I need to get out of debt,” all the universe hears is the word debt and brings you more debt. A slight change in your wording can change your world. Say, “I need to put more money in the bank,” and the universe sends more money to your bank.
People who say, “I never seem to meet the right people” attract more of the wrong people.
Salespeople who say, “People are just not buying today,” attract more people who are not buying.
Salespeople who say, “A great customer is due any moment,” attract another great customer.
It is a simple rule of the universe that says, “You bring about what you think about.”
It’s called, THE LAW of ATTRACTION.
If you think, “This sounds too good to be true,” the law will not work in your favor.
When you embrace this simple process and take control of your thoughts, you control your life.

2 Responses to “Thoughts Become Things”

  1. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    I’ve always been very words’ sensitive. There are many ways to do things and to say things, and the more one can wrap things in a positive veil, the better the message is going to sound to the audience and the better the ability to articulate these things in a positive light. It is as one becomes convinced that these can be realities although at first they may sound far-fetched.

  2. Abdul Moghrabi Says:

    It’s so true and I always learn from customers. Some are very relaxed about the shopping experience and they just want good service- friendly, informative, timely, etc. without being obsessive with details. Others, want everything to be exact, careful, measured, tested tried-and-true, punctilious, etc. The interesting part about this sales job is that it never stops teaching the salespersons to grow and learn from each experience. I consider every interaction a learning experience. It allows me to shed some more of the biases and beliefs, dispel certain myths about sales, grow and mature above and beyond what I hear from my peers and supervisors and better attend to customers needs. One thing is 100% sensitivity and common sense are a good receipt for success.

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