“It’s Slow”

Don’t Buy This Excuse!!! 


“Traffic” is by far the #1 excuse presented to management when sales are low in a retail store. When someone tells me that it’s “Slow,” I say, “Then speed it up.” People walk past stores, look in and then decide if to enter or not. Too many times it’s an “available” salesperson that causes them to walk on by. “There is nothing more threatening to a customer than a salesperson without a one. Even worse is two or more salespeople without customers.” Retail Selling Made Easy.

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  1. John Rogers Says:

    Can anyone name someone other than Ron who came up with these strategies? I cannot. He is one of a kind, sort of the Thomas Edison of successful retail consciousness. Anytime a customer sees stuff being unloaded and placed on the shelf, their first thoughts are - what is he or she unwrapping, and second- i better see what it is, it could be hot and i might not be able to get it next week, they might run out again. whenever people feel that maybe they cant have something, they then want it and want it bad. its kind of like rice and toilet paper sales before a possible hurricane. Think about it, Ron is spot-on.

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