It’s a Formula 

R is Results. Everyone wants more results. To get more results bring either the A or the B up and the Results will go up as well. You cannot change the results any other way. 

“A” represents your ATTITUDE. Your attitude effects your results at any given moment, day, week, month or year. And your entire life is a result of your days, weeks, months and years strung together.

“B” represents your behavior. Unless YOU control YOUR behavior  in a systematic manner, it will go up and down as a result of your feelings and judgements as you go through your days, weeks, months and years.

The key to ongoing, improving results in any area of your life is to identify ideal behavior and make that a habit by way of repetition. Anything you do over and over gets easier and easier to do. Your mind doesn’t always recognize the difference between good behavior from poor behavior, consequently some people get very, very good at some very, very bad things.

Don’t let the weather, economy, traffic or other people who might want to commiserate with you about those things, or their problems get in the way of you getting what you want.

Remember that there two types of people; those who get what they want and those that take what they get. It’s not Rocket Science, but it is scientific.  

2 Responses to “DO the MATH”

  1. Willie W. Says:

    Thanks Ron, I am working on this, but it’s admittedly a challenge at times. When things start to look hopeless, I think, “R2A2″ and things change rapidly.
    I thank YOU for that.

  2. Allisson F. Says:

    These days I find the Attitude part of this formula more difficult to maintain than the behavior. I’m sure it’s the other way around for some folks. Especially down here in Alabama.

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