Keeping Score


In Sports
In sports there are scoreboards They motivate the players to a higher level of performance by creating awareness and competition. They let the players know where they are going. When falling behind, they alert them in time to make the changes needed in time to win the game.



In Transportation
In transportation there are dashboards in cars and airplane cockpits. They let the drivers and pilots know where they are going and how fast. They act as alarm systems to alert drivers and pilots when something isn’t going right in time to prevent a crash or accident.


In Business:
Scoreboards and dashboards are important in business as well. They let the people in the company know if they are making money or losing money. They let the owners know if they are going to stay in business or not. Ideally the alarms would sound before it’s too late to make changes.


Too Late:
But, too often a dangerous trend is noticed too late or not at all, and a crash occurs. Unlike the dashboards in planes and cars, there are unseen variables. In the car the dials work exactly the same regardless who drivers are. Not so in business. Spreadsheets are often times looked at when the month is over leaving no time for a correction in behavior or change of direction. And of course there are those who wouldn’t know what to do about it, so not seeing it is in some way comforting.


Here Comes the Sun
Actually, there’s no more comforting feeling than waking up in the morning fully aware of everything that has happened right up through closing last night all with little or no effort on your part. We can help you with that: CLICK HERE:

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