Your Reputation


“Under Construction”
Like the braids of straw that make up a basket, your reputation is woven into how you are perceived. It gets stronger or weaker, better or worse with everything you do and how you do it.
Your reputation is how people think of you, and how they describe you to others.
Every deed well done leaves a positive image of you. Any deed done poorly or left undone does exactly the opposite.
When people talk about you, (and they will) any negatives are likely to get more attention than the positives. One little negative has the potential of negating all of the big positives you have done.


It Starts Here:
Trust yourself to ALWAYS:
-Be On Time
-Do What You Said You Would
-Tell the Truth

And commit yourself to the KGB - Keep Getting Better

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  1. Dawn Says:

    All car salespeople should be required to go to a Success Rally! I have only once met a car salesman that I trusted. And that was in Kentucky where most of the people I met Choose to Be Nice!

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