Goal Power

 It’s That Time Again;

New Year; New Conditions, New Opportunities and New Goals. Below are some thoughts on the power of a goal set right. 


It’s Only a Game
How many people would watch or play in a sporting event if there were no goals and was no scorekeeping? NONE!
One of the most influential books I have read is The Game of Work by Charles Coonradt. Charles makes the point that people will work harder at play than they will at work without tiring. When work is fun people will get into it. You make work fun when competition and scorekeeping are involved.


The key elements are goals and goal tracking. People must know where they want to go, believe they can get there, and know how they are doing along the way. As easy as goal setting sounds, a few critical mistakes can actually make the whole thing backfire. The two goals that won’t work for you are, “Too High” or “Too Low.” A goal seen as unrealistic is not motivational, and one that is too low isn’t challenging. I consider the ideal goal to be, “A little out of sight, but NEVER  out of reach.” Some think that simply setting a goal will bring about its fruition. unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Like anything else worthwhile there’s some work involved.  The first step in the process is analysis to be certain the goal is doable, then comes action and follow up.


There are basically two types of goals; externally and self imposed. If you are imposing the goal, be sure that the person or persons expected to reach it agree that he or she can. This is where the work is involved. Doing it right can be time consuming and inconvenient, but worth it. To spare this work I have seen companies set their goals by way of a formula, such as, “Last year’s sales plus 10%.” This process is a good starting point, but it doesn’t take into consideration “Unforeseen, extenuating circumstances” that make this year much different. For example, last year you had construction going on that hurt sales, but that’s not the case this year. A “formulated goal” would likely be too low. A little time spent negotiating allows you to hold people accountable as the month goes by.

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