AGAIN It’s Over


A Short Story
The end of each day brings about the opportunity to look back and think about what you achieved today.
Some days that will be more than others… Some days you will be smiling at the end, other days you may not be.
In any case it’s time to begin a new one.
The end of each month brings about the opportunity to reflect on your goals. Whether you hit them or not, it’s time to set new ones for the next month.
Start on day 1 to do the things needed to end this month as you would like to.
The end of a relationship gives you the opportunity to analyze what you may have done wrong that created its end.
If this was a relationship you treasured, think about behavioral changes you can make to the next one. If its one you are happy to get out of, be thankful and don’t look back.
The end of each life brings about the opportunity for friends and family to gather and talk about your life and what you did while still alive.
You are writing your legacy while you are still drawing breath. Do now what you would like others to say you did.
In the end, any ending is simply a new beginning.

3 Responses to “AGAIN It’s Over”

  1. Marianne luck Says:

    There’s no end… At least I hope not.

  2. john rogers Says:

    no end to our existence. we are spirit souls temporarily in this material body. for the soul there is neither birth nor death. WE are eternal and not the body. be concerned with how your consciousness is in this life, it sets you up for the next. you get what you desire basically, i recommend to desire to be with God in the spiritual world, and not desire to come back here again. many will unfortunately due to their material consciousness being so predominant.

  3. Oahu Photographer Says:

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