Professionals and Amateurs


Professionals and amateurs can be found in all walks of life; sports, business, law, medicine, the arts, and of course in sales.

Googling; I found that professionals have certain things in common:
Professionals maintain a high standard of ethics, behavior and work activities as either an employee or self-employed person.
Professionals put the interest of the client ahead of their own interests.
Professionals demonstrate a high level of work morale and motivation.
Professionals have interest and desire to do a job well while holding a positive attitude towards al aspects of the job at hand.
Professionals treat relationships with colleagues in the most respectful manner at all times.
Professionals subject themselves to strict codes of conduct enshrining rigorous ethical and moral obligations.

There are also some distinct differences between professionals and amateurs:

Professionals perform at a HIGHER LEVEL than amateurs do.
Professionals stand out; amateurs blend in.
Professionals know how and why they should do things; amateurs only know how.
Professionals work when they need to; amateurs when they feel like it.
Professionals go to work because they want to; amateurs because they have to.
Professionals start a new project as soon as they finish the current one; amateurs give themselves a well deserved a break as soon as they can.
Professionals take pride in their work; amateurs don’t really care.
Professionals don’t have time for endless tinkering; amateurs can tinker all day if allowed to.
Professionals judge their work by results; amateurs by their efforts.
Professionals make deadlines; amateurs avoid deadlines.
Professionals accept, even embrace criticism; amateurs become hostile when criticized.
Professionals think big; amateurs think small.
Professionals solve problems, amateurs make excuses.
Professionals visualize success; amateurs fear failure.
Professionals practice; amateurs don’t need to.
Professionals remain students; amateurs graduate prematurely.
Professionals understand the importance of attitude and commitment; amateurs think it’s all luck.
Professionals make it look easy; amateurs are convinced that it’s hard.
Professionals learn from their mistakes; amateurs deny them.
Professionals see opportunities everywhere; amateurs overlook them.
Professionals are even tempered; amateurs quick tempered.
Professionals are patient; amateurs impatient.
Professionals are organized; amateurs disorganized
Professionals arrive early; amateurs on time at best

4 Responses to “Professionals and Amateurs”

  1. john rogers Says:

    Thanks Ron for putting this up again, always good to review this wisdom.

  2. admin Says:

    Aloha John;
    Perhaps I should have mentioned that this is re-appearing by a request from one of my followers; Marianne McNeil.
    It’s true that reviewing good stuff is good.

  3. Peter Skaaning Says:

    Hi Ron,
    I get Goosebumps, when you talk about what level different people are playing at…… and this good reminder just clearly, once again, proves and shows that all of us can do a little better….. and that there sure are more Juice left in the orange, even when squeezing it as hard as you can….
    You are a Champ and surely a Professional
    Peter Skaaning, CEO
    Rapport Intl. Furniture

  4. John Boyd Says:

    I often hear members of my generation, the millennial generation, confused about the following:

    “Professionals judge their work by results; amateurs by their efforts.”

    I often hear people talk about how hard they try, or how busy they are, but seldom hear these people talk about how successful they are.

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