Watch Your Words


Say, “NO” to Colds
Yes, words are powerful, especially those that you say to yourself. People are amazed when I say that I have only had one cold in the last 55 years. Actually it’s the only one that I “Welcomed.” Others have attempted to reach me, but I refused to let them. Many years ago I embraced the phrase, “An unwelcome visitor soon departs.”


The “Cold Monster” took a run at me the past few days, but I refused to accept it and I’m fine. Never say, “I’m catching a cold.” When you do, the cold will catch you. When anyone asks me, “Are you catching a cold?” or “Do you have a cold?” I instantly respond, “No, I don’t get colds.” When someone says, “Don’t get near me I have a cold,” I say, “I’m immune to colds, come on over here and give me a hug.” It Works!


Diet and Exercise
Of course, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise helps as well. It’s A Magical Combination! 

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  1. Jay Says:

    So true! I always say “Bugs bite me and then THEY die!”

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