Yes They Do!
The things you say to people have the power to hurt them, help them, heal them, to encourage or motivate them. Choose your words wisely since no one wants to be hurt. And, it’s so easy to do.

Hurtful words:
“I told you so.”
“Why did you do that?”

Helpful Words:
“I’m here for you.”
“What can I do to help?”

Healing Words:
“You will feel better tomorrow.”
“This too will pass.”
“I love you.”

Encouraging Words:
“You can do it!”
“I know you can.”

Motivational Words:
“Go for It.”
“You have what it takes.”

Add some of our own, but most importantly,


“Think before you speak.”

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  1. john rogers Says:

    i recently put my foot in my mouth big time when i said something to someone that their mother had told me. i did not think at the time that it would be taken so personally but it was, and now it HURTS! It helped me to realize how sensitive everyone can be, customers included. They pick up on every tiny thing because many do not like salespeople at all, good or bad and so they are easily put off, so this post is very important for everyone. Mahalo Ron!

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