Information is Power


People come into your store to “discover” more about what you sell.


They can tell from the outside if you sell clothes, jewelry, art, cosmetics or whatever. What they don’t know is anything about the product’s details and quality.


This is where you come into the picture.

Ironically, some customers fear the very thing they need most; YOU! Nobody likes to be uncomfortable and too many salespeople make customers uncomfortable.

Pushy salespeople create discomfort when they try to talk to you when you don’t want to talk, expect you to buy when you don’t like what you are looking at.


Too many salespeople deal with the discomfort by standing back and waiting for the customer to become pro-active. This too makes customers uncomfortable wondering if and how you will approach them. Since most won’t approach you, it’s important that you become the proactive one, yet do so in a no-pressure manner.

Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling is an art form. It’s also the subject of my best selling book since 1996.

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