This was published in a Vancouver, BC Newspaper in 2007:


2 Responses to “SELL QUALITY; NOT PRICE”

  1. john rogers Says:

    Update- no longer slightly above medium girth! Try teenage years girth! Nice article and story about the juicers. We all need quick, accurate and simplified information given about everything we need, and the salespeople who delivers that will win!

  2. Peter Says:

    Dear Ron,
    Time flies, but the basics never change….. You’re a constant inspiration to us in our companies and has been since we well met and started working together in 2000!
    It’s time to do another RoadTrip for you hitting exactly these same cities again! Los Angeles, Vancouver BC and now Seattle, WA!
    Look forward to “get a shot in the arm!” of the contagious “Master mind” from Ron Martin!
    Cheers to you Ron and thank you for everything you’ve done for us over the now many years.

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