“Not Me!” 

We hear people say, “I don’t want to be micromanaged.“ And, “I don’t want to micromanage my people.“ Have you ever heard it?

My definition of micromanaging is, “An overly used term to describe management by those who either don’t want to be managed, or don’t want to or know how to manage.”





Most, almost all people need or could benefit from closer management. in professional sports there are more coaches on the sideline than there are players on the field. And the head coach never misses one play. And these are pros!




Think about how many missed opportunities there are in business.

Two things I have found people will resist more than death and taxes are, change and accountability. Ironically those are two of the most important things that they must embrace to create and generate ongoing success for themselves and for others.

Business owners have the right to know what their employees are doing, and how.

No, this is not spying. Watching the behavior of your competition could be called spying, whereas with your employees it’s part of MANAGING.

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  1. john rogers Says:

    that cuts right to the core of professionals vs wanna be’s. like you say, one should be willing to be introspective and to accept suggestions and criticism without flipping out. we all need to listen more and be willing to take a good hard look at ourselves without instantly defending ourselves. we all need to suck it up and improve!

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