The Moment That I Became a Millionaire


Yes, the “MOMENT”

I was invited to an event in the home of Mr. Chuck Young one day in the early ‘60s. It was a lavish Southern California estate, a huge home with a magnificent view, very large swimming pool, lots of privacy and a big backyard.


While sipping on ice tea by the pool I mustered up the courage to ask,  “How much does a place like this set one back?“

His answer changed my life. He said, “Oh, I could never afford to buy a house like this, I rent it.“

I was so young and naïve that I didn’t even know people with homes like that rent them out.

I sold my $17,300 home in Buena Park, CA;


And rented a $300,000 home on an acre in the hills of LaHabra Heights with a view of the city below.


My neighbors were millionaires, my consciousness was changing.

I have lived like a millionaire every since that day. Only I knew at times I wasn’t one. I never claimed to be one, I just lived like one. I have always lived in luxury homes and condos, and drove a new Cadillac. In the early days I even dressed like a millionaire; actually I still do, but different :-)  Am I one? I guess so, it all depends upon how you arrange the marbles. But, officially arriving at that point didn’t mean much because I had thought of myself as, and lived like a millionaire all along, even spending money I didn’t have at times to maintain my own self image.

“Get a mental picture of yourself as you want to be, and then grow into that person.”

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