Handsome Charlie



I met “Handsome Charlie” when I moved to Waikiki in 1981 and needed a key made. We talked about his real estate successes for hours.


As I was leaving he handed me this little red Chinese envelope with a crispy $20 bill on the inside.

He said, “This will bring you good luck. If you never spend this money you will never need any money.” I didn’t and I haven’t.

I have carried this in my pocket since that day, and whenever tempted to spend it, I thought about him.

I made it a point to visit him as much as I could. He had a little chair in front of his store and when I saw him in it I would stop to chat.

One day flowers were in the place of the chair and his precious Lock Doctor was closed. I didn’t want to stop.

I drive by his old store several times a week. The flowers are still there, but “The Handsome One” has gone on.

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  1. Betsy Morris Says:

    Aloha; I too knew Handsome Charlie and he was as good as they come. At one point he owned everything on Kalakaua Mauka of Kapiolani. He became wealthier and wealthier as he sold off the properties.

  2. john rogers Says:

    i knew him too, he is a super nice person, generous with his sharing of knowledge and advice. he must have been in his mid to late 90’s, thats a long, prosperous and happy life!

  3. LuLu Says:

    Hey Ron,
    This must be the “Best $20” you ever earned.
    Pass it on to your son when you hit 100.

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