Job “Too Well” Done


But With it, a Big Reward

The year was 1960. I was in the Air Force stationed ay Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado. I had a very part-time job selling lawn mowers at JC Penny’s.


“I Can Do That For You” 

A man came in, I demonstrated  the latest power mower. He asked if I would assemble it. I asked my supervisor and he said, “No, he has to take it in the box.” I told the customer that and he said, “Forget it.” I told him if he were to take the box home, that I would come to his house after work and assemble it for him. DONE DEAL! I did, and he was thrilled. The next day I was fired for putting the company at risk. My boss said, “If you or he had been hurt on his premises, the company could be held libel.”



I called my customer and asked him to call my boss and assure him that all is good. He said, “I’ll do better than that” and he hired me on the spot to be his night supervisor of a blue print shop he had at Buckley, Air National Guard Base. My hours were half my Air Force hours with twice the pay.   

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  1. Peter Says:

    Dear Ron
    I love the story…. and I would have done the same…

    I have a similar story of going above and beyond with my first employer in the States…. I didn’t expect much, but just to learn…
    I made things easy for my boss and soon after I was making $100k per year!! I was 27 years old!

    Cheers from Peter

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