“Black Friday” Past and Present


Looking Back
The parking lot at Ala Moana Shopping Center always looks like the 4th of July at dawn this time every year. Some stores are actually opening at midnight. Most of Ala Moana will open at 6 AM. Last year I made a YouTube movie of the action at Ala Moana. To see it just CLICK HERE:
I won’t be making one this year because I will be recovering from hernia surgery. OUCH! We were supposedly was in the heart of a recession, but you wouldn’t know it from that video. Everything I hear about 2012 is that it will be much better than in past years. I refused to buy into the negative projections heard at that time, and continue to see ample evidence that all is well when you are doing what works.
I wish everyone a super successful holiday season starting with; “Green Friday.”

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  1. marianne gill Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. marianne gill Says:

    Hoping you’re recovery is coming along well. I’m sure you’ll be up and about in no time. We had a great Green Friday@Macy’s here on Maui.

    Be well,
    Marianne Gill

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