The Customer Rules


I’m Mad as Hell and…

I am often reminded of my father’s two rules of business:

1. “The customer is always right.”
2. “When that is not the case, refer to rule number 1.”

I was reminded of these rules recently when reading an article in Advertising Age. The publication reported findings from a recent report by the research firm Yankelovich titled “Consumers in Control.”

Some of the interesting stats were:

82% of those interviewed said it was important to speak with a live person, with more than one in four (27%) indicating they’d even be willing to pay extra to have one.

75% believe businesses care more about selling existing products than coming up with what they want, up from 58% in 2004.

62% feel that service people don’t care much about their needs, up from 52% since 2004.

71% said they would walk out of a store even if it offered exactly what they were seeking if treated badly.

People are not only taking their business elsewhere, but also lashing out online. Blogs and YouTube have enabled more consumers to voice their distaste.

The article ended with this sobering comment; “If you get stained by bad customer service, it’s really hard to turn that around.” 

Keep that stain off of your business!

4 Responses to “The Customer Rules”

  1. Texas Lady Says:

    I think I have met that guy in the photo.

  2. Burt Doane Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I get more and more irritated as things become less and less personal?

  3. tam Says:

    I am one of those that will walk out… and never return again. I have decided to no longer due business with comapnies based on my experience with their “support.”

  4. vidsolve Says:

    You hit another nerve here ron! Getting angry at nasty customers means you lose not only a possible sale but more importantly your own health and sanity. I personally think that i get calls from a lot of unreasonable tire kicking sobs these days like probably most of us do, and getting angry or not being personable in retaliation does not work. If you cant handle a customers attitude or you do not want to work with a customer, i tell them that i think there is something not working well between us, its probably due to me and not you, perhaps you would be better served by another company or person and boy does that work well sometimes. They usually realize they are being a horses ass and mellow out, or you get out of a nightmare with minimal if any bad side effects, negative blogging etc.

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