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Goal Power

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

 It’s That Time Again;

New Year; New Conditions, New Opportunities and New Goals. Below are some thoughts on the power of a goal set right. 


It’s Only a Game
How many people would watch or play in a sporting event if there were no goals and was no scorekeeping? NONE!
One of the most influential books I have read is The Game of Work by Charles Coonradt. Charles makes the point that people will work harder at play than they will at work without tiring. When work is fun people will get into it. You make work fun when competition and scorekeeping are involved.


The key elements are goals and goal tracking. People must know where they want to go, believe they can get there, and know how they are doing along the way. As easy as goal setting sounds, a few critical mistakes can actually make the whole thing backfire. The two goals that won’t work for you are, “Too High” or “Too Low.” A goal seen as unrealistic is not motivational, and one that is too low isn’t challenging. I consider the ideal goal to be, “A little out of sight, but NEVER  out of reach.” Some think that simply setting a goal will bring about its fruition. unfortunately it isn’t that easy. Like anything else worthwhile there’s some work involved.  The first step in the process is analysis to be certain the goal is doable, then comes action and follow up.


There are basically two types of goals; externally and self imposed. If you are imposing the goal, be sure that the person or persons expected to reach it agree that he or she can. This is where the work is involved. Doing it right can be time consuming and inconvenient, but worth it. To spare this work I have seen companies set their goals by way of a formula, such as, “Last year’s sales plus 10%.” This process is a good starting point, but it doesn’t take into consideration “Unforeseen, extenuating circumstances” that make this year much different. For example, last year you had construction going on that hurt sales, but that’s not the case this year. A “formulated goal” would likely be too low. A little time spent negotiating allows you to hold people accountable as the month goes by.

Good Intentions

Friday, August 5th, 2016





Far too often a good intention goes no further than the original thought to do something different or better.

The best way to stay on top of your intentions is to enlist “Habit Power.”

Habits are those things you do on a regular basis without giving any thought to them.




Every Day:

You can make the important things you want to do or achieve as simple as brushing your teeth.

The most important key to doing this is repetition. Anything that you do over and over gets easier and easier to do. This is true with both good things and bad things. Many people get very good at some very bad things.

You have no doubt heard the phrase, “Practice Makes Perfect.” Actually, “Practice Makes Permanent.”




Habit Power:

Think about those things that you are doing habitually and set out to build some new and better habits that will make success as easy as brushing your teeth.

If there is something in your life or business that you want to change, identify the behavior that will lead to the desired result and then make your progress visual. If there’s something you want to impact, measure it. To impact it even further measure it more often.




The Boss:

Make your goals The Boss. Make your goals visual and track your progress towards them, ideally EVERY DAY. People who know where they are going are far more likely to get where they want to be than those who simply take what comes their way.





Attitude plus Behavior equals Results. To change your results, change the factors that lead to that desired result. While there may be many other factors, these two are the most important and they are fully within your control.




See it; Do it; and Get it!

Once you identify the thing you wish to change or impact, identify the behavior needed to accomplish it and then simply DO IT; or as NIKE say’s, “DO IT NOW!”




Affirm It:

Affirmations are powerful. Remind yourself daily by tracking your results. If losing weight is the goal, tell The Boss, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”





And remember that the Control Tower is sitting on your own two shoulders. You have control over your destiny.





And finally, if you would like us to do all of this for you, EVERY DAY, we can with our personalized Morning Report, customized to get you and your staff focused on achieving whatever goals you set, as well as tracking ANYTHING else that’s important to you, all at a cost that’s les than buying your team a cup of coffee every day. To see a short clip explaining how this works, CLICK HERE and enjoy success.



“Befriend in the End”

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


Not the Same Thing
When saying, “Befriend in the end,” after you see the money, I will oftentimes hear, “I like to be friendly all of the time, not only when they are buying.” I quickly reply, “And you should be.” After that, I explain the difference between “Befriending” and “Being Friendly.” The word “friendly” is an adjective describing how you should be. “Befriending” is a verb. Verbs are action words. Verbs make things happen.


Now and Forever
The purpose of “befriending” is to make “customers for now” become “customers for life.” Say, or do something that will cause your customers to return to your store and refer you to their friends, family and neighbors. Seek a common ground; gather the customer’s e-mail address and follow up. 


Do It Now
As your customer is heading out the door, compose and send a brief “Thank You” e-mail. No more than that. Something like, “Thank you for visiting our store today. If at any time in the future I can be of service to you in any way, let me know.”
Less is more. Avoid the temptation to start selling with this e-mail, you did that a few moments ago in the store. Now, keep all of your customers in mind and think of ways to contact them, perhaps to pass along an article about something you saw relating to their interest or industry. In one of these e-mails mention a sale you have coming up or something about a new product you are bringing in. Keep it informational. People are bombarded with e-mail these days trying to sell them this or that. Be different; be a friend.