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Whose Job Is It?

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015



In business it’s common, smart and needed for different people to be responsible for different parts of the job, but in the end everyone can play a role. Don Heafner is the trainer at Clark Hatch Fitness Center, not the janitor, but he can’t walk by fingerprints on a machine without stopping to wipe them off.

At Disney they have janitors, but anybody seeing trash on the ground is expected to stop and pick it up. The rule is, “You must inspect what you expect.” Disney actually has someone in upper management intentionally drop a gum wrapper or some other small piece of trash on the ground and then watch to see how long it takes before someone; anyone stops to pick it up. The result is, “Seconds” thus a clean park. Oftentimes the person picking it up is another member of upper management. The more eyes you have on the end result the better.