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Friday, November 10th, 2017


It’s About How YOU See Things

Webster defines a paradigm as, “a typical example or pattern of something; a model.”

A “faulty paradigm” can stifle action, and it’s action that makes things happen.

When heading down the road to success, it’s good to remember that everyone has paradigms about many different things.

Sometimes a “paradigm shift“ is needed. Here’s a great example of that.


I live in a pet friendly building in downtown Honolulu. One day I got in the elevator and a huge local man stepped in along with his huge pit bull, which was muzzled. Everyone in the elevator stepped back and stayed quiet. Once we arrived at our floor, and were out of earshot, my wife gave me an earful about that man and his dog. “It’s not that dog’s fault that he’s mean. It’s that man’s fault for the way the dog has been treated.” Of course I agreed. This was the scene every time we saw the man and his muzzled dog. Then one day I was in the elevator when the man and his dog stepped in. There was no muzzle on the  dog, and people stepped as far back into the elevator as possible. I cautiously asked him, “Why isn’t your dog muzzled today?”


He said, “Oh she doesn’t need a muzzle, she’s the sweetest dog in the world. Her name is Angel, I saved her from a dog fighting ring out in Waianae when she was a little puppy, go ahead and pet her.” I did, and sweet she was. I asked him, “So, what’s with the muzzle?  He said, “The resident manager asked me to muzzle her because some of the residents are afraid of her.”

When my wife came home I told her this story, and now she loves that man. She had a paradigm shift. She learned that things weren’t what she thought based on the information she had.

Customers come into stores with preconceived paradigms about salespeople and vice-versa. It’s the salesperson’s job to create a paradigm shift with sincere attention to the customer, and without pressure. That’s a fine line at times.

    NOTE: Dogs in the photos are actually stand-ins forAngel. 

Leilani Lee Gilfoy - RIP

Sunday, August 20th, 2017


Leilani was my Hawaii Branch Manager for Empress Pearls in the ’70s. When I called Lei in 1981 and told her that I had sold Empress Pearls and want to move to Hawaii, she instantly invited me to stay with her and her husband Ross until I got settled. They met me when I arrived, and immediately began “Hawaiianizing” me with trips around the island visiting all of the special beaches and places.

Her wonderful family, Ross, David (RIP), Honey Girl, Reno, Remi, Caron and Zena all became family to me. Lei had two other sons that were adopted out, Bernie and Jose that I never met. 

I spent many evenings listening to Leilani’s golden voice, playing her ukulele as Remi sang along while Honey Girl and Caron danced hula. 


Leilani’s brother was the famous Hawaiian entertainer Kui Lee who wrote many of Don Ho’s classic songs as well as a few for Elvis Presley, such as this one:


Kui performed until he lost his fight with cancer at a very young age.

When Ross emailed me with the news that Lei had passed away, I sat at my computer with tears in my eyes. They are returning again now as I write and edit this. Her funeral will be on September 23 and we will spread her ashes off of the shore of Waikiki. I expect quite a crowd to be there with more than a few celebrities joining in. I will post a blog about that event when it happens. 

AGAIN It’s Over

Friday, June 30th, 2017


A Short Story
The end of each day brings about the opportunity to look back and think about what you achieved today.
Some days that will be more than others… Some days you will be smiling at the end, other days you may not be.
In any case it’s time to begin a new one.
The end of each month brings about the opportunity to reflect on your goals. Whether you hit them or not, it’s time to set new ones for the next month.
Start on day 1 to do the things needed to end this month as you would like to.
The end of a relationship gives you the opportunity to analyze what you may have done wrong that created its end.
If this was a relationship you treasured, think about behavioral changes you can make to the next one. If its one you are happy to get out of, be thankful and don’t look back.
The end of each life brings about the opportunity for friends and family to gather and talk about your life and what you did while still alive.
You are writing your legacy while you are still drawing breath. Do now what you would like others to say you did.
In the end, any ending is simply a new beginning.


Saturday, November 19th, 2016


Yes They Do!
The things you say to people have the power to hurt them, help them, heal them, to encourage or motivate them. Choose your words wisely since no one wants to be hurt. And, it’s so easy to do.

Hurtful words:
“I told you so.”
“Why did you do that?”

Helpful Words:
“I’m here for you.”
“What can I do to help?”

Healing Words:
“You will feel better tomorrow.”
“This too will pass.”
“I love you.”

Encouraging Words:
“You can do it!”
“I know you can.”

Motivational Words:
“Go for It.”
“You have what it takes.”

Add some of our own, but most importantly,


“Think before you speak.”

Kaka’ako Cat Man

Sunday, August 21st, 2016


Angel of Mercy
Erik is an 80 year old gentleman that spends all day, every day feeding and caring for feral cats in and around the Kaka’ako neighborhood.
He has had this mission for 15 years now and he works up to 15 hours a day visiting the various open areas where cats and kittens have been dumped.


Food and More
Besides feeding the cats, he offers them a trip to the vet to be “fixed” in order to keep the population down.



Kaka’ako Beach Park
There’s a lot to see while strolling through this wonderful park.
Many of Honolulu’s homeless and feral cats find this to be a great place to live.


Stairway to the Sea
One of my favorite features at this park is the easy access into a pool of ocean water protected by sea walls.


“Dinner Time!”
When Eric’s car pulls into the parking lot at Kaka’ako Beach Park, the cats and birds come running. He feeds the birds first so that they don’t eat the cat’s food.


“Erick’s Kitchen”
The rear of Erick’s car is filled with feeding tools and supplies.


My New Friend
Erick told me some heart warming stories, like finding a cat pinned under a fallen tree. He freed the cat only to see that his leg was smashed beyond repair. He took the cat to the vet where his leg had to be amputated. After the surgery, this cat got a new home on Erik’s boat, where about 15 others reside due to circumstances where they could not survive at the park.
I heard some heart breaking stories too, like loose dogs from the homeless tents attacking the cats and literally tearing them apart. My heart went out to him as he described seeing this happen more than a few times. In addition to my heart, all of the money I had in my pocket went out as well, and I will be back to give him more. This guy is a real living saint.

What’s a Blog?

Monday, August 15th, 2016


A combination of two things; The Web and a Log.
Businesses have always maintained activity logs.
Individuals have kept diaries to recorded their thoughts and activities.
Thanks to the Internet, any or all of these things can be done in a Blog and saved forever.
My Blog can be seen by anyone that CLICKS HERE:
I attempt to update it or create an entirely new one as often as possible, so check in now and then to see what’s new.

Get Connected… Maybe

Friday, July 29th, 2016


It’s Here to Stay:
It’s all come about in such a short amount of time that it’s a bit mind boggling.


There are so many options today that it’s hard to decide which, if any, is right for you. In spite of all of the new programs that have been created, Twitter and Facebook appear to remain the most popular.


Many years ago the owner of Super Geeks told me that I should be on Twitter. “Why” I asked and he said, “Because there’s a lot of people that would like to hear what you have to say.” So, I set up a Twitter account; @itseasy


Sometime after that I went to see the movie “Social Media” which is about the creation of Facebook.  I decided to set up a Facebook page. In doing so I discovered that I already had one which my son had set up for me many years before that I never used. In the “About” section I had written, “Facebook is something for people who don’t have enough to do.” While that may be true, It didn’t sound like something that would serve me well so I updated it.
Over the years I have found myself drifting back and forth between Facebook and Twitter, not really sure which of them was best or if I really need either.

The best description of the difference I have heard is, “Facebook is about WHO you know and Twitter is about WHAT you know.” The biggest mistake one can make is to post political or religious opinions, especially on Facebook. One thing is certain and that is that BOTH are time consuming and can easily become a distraction.

Was That Yours?

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


Small World
While having coffee with my long time friend Twain Newhart he introduced me to his friend “Sal” who looked hauntingly familiar to me.


When the talking points came around to “Cars” Sal mentioned that he has a Cadillac XLR. I then told Sal that I have had Cadillacs since 1962, and the one before my current one was an XLR. We talked about colors and Sal said, “I used to see a blue one called ‘EASY’ that was really cool.” I opened up my iPhone, went to my “EASY album” and said, “Did it look like this?”



That’s the moment we both realized how well we actually know/knew each other. Sal worked for a client of mine; Body & Soul, back in the day, and we both continue to see the founder/owner Tao Miller. I was eager to put this photo on my Daily Motivator as a test to see if Tao is looking at it.


Awaiting reply now… LOL.

What to Do???

Saturday, November 14th, 2015


Senior Cyber Moment
It was late Friday evening and I was multi-tasking; watching TV and making a calendar adjustment on my new iPhone 6s.  With one wrong click I deleted my entire calendar. I rushed to each of my other devices where the calendar was shared via the cloud (iMac, iPad and MacBook Air) only to see the entries disappear before my eyes as I opened the calendar.
Now What??? Cry? Scream? Pull my hair out? Slam the phone against the wall? These are all behavior reactions that came to mind from my younger, more immature days.
I immediately sent a text to all of the techie folks I know asking if there’s a way to retrieve it. Because the hour was late, I only got one suggestion, and that was to take it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in the morning; a place I am all too familiar with.


My next move, while shaking in “panic mode” was to post a plea for help on my Daily Motivator. Surely there would be some help there, but not until the next morning at the earliest.
I posted similar pleas for help on Facebook and Twitter, all with no replies.


“What Could I Do About This?”
Next I did what has always worked for me, I summoned up a positive attitude and asked myself what to do. In doing so, I realized that this is actually an opportunity to start all over again with a better method of posting events on my calendar. I have often wished that I knew what I know now when setting up my calendar way back when. Now I had an empty palette before me and 10 years of MAC computer learning mistakes behind me. So, today I am happily re-entering every appointment that I can remember, asking clients to remind me of any scheduled dates, searching through my contacts for any hints or reminders of upcoming events, and writing this post, which I will be able to send to anyone who someday asks me, “Where were you yesterday?”


“There’s always a rainbow somewhere after the storm.”

Coffee Filters

Sunday, September 27th, 2015


They Can Do Much More Than Filter Coffee 

-Use them to cover bowls or dishes when cooking in the microwave.
-Use them to clean windows and mirrors. They are lint-free so they’ll leave windows sparkling.m to protect your China. Put a coffee filter between each dish.
-Use them to filter a broken cork from wine. Filter the wine through a coffee filter.
-Use them to protect a cast-iron skillet. They will absorb moisture and prevent rust.
-Use them to apply shoe polish. Ball-up a lint-free coffee filter and shine those shoes.
-Use them to weigh chopped foods on the scale.
-Use them to hold tacos. They make convenient wrappers for messy foods.
-Use them to stop the soil from leaking out of a plant pot. Line a plant pot with a coffee filter to prevent the soil from going through the drainage holes.
Do these things BEFORE you filter the coffee. :-)