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Leilani Lee Gilfoy - RIP

Sunday, August 20th, 2017


Leilani was my Hawaii Branch Manager for Empress Pearls in the ’70s. When I called Lei in 1981 and told her that I had sold Empress Pearls and want to move to Hawaii, she instantly invited me to stay with her and her husband Ross until I got settled. They met me when I arrived, and immediately began “Hawaiianizing” me with trips around the island visiting all of the special beaches and places.

Her wonderful family, Ross, David (RIP), Honey Girl, Reno, Remi, Caron and Zena all became family to me. Lei had two other sons that were adopted out, Bernie and Jose that I never met. 

I spent many evenings listening to Leilani’s golden voice, playing her ukulele as Remi sang along while Honey Girl and Caron danced hula. 


Leilani’s brother was the famous Hawaiian entertainer Kui Lee who wrote many of Don Ho’s classic songs as well as a few for Elvis Presley, such as this one:


Kui performed until he lost his fight with cancer at a very young age.

When Ross emailed me with the news that Lei had passed away, I sat at my computer with tears in my eyes. They are returning again now as I write and edit this. Her funeral will be on September 23 and we will spread her ashes off of the shore of Waikiki. I expect quite a crowd to be there with more than a few celebrities joining in. I will post a blog about that event when it happens. 

News From Japan

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017


It’s Cherry Blossom Time

And That’s Not All…


Hawaiiana Store in Tokyo

You will find some Success Dynamics Client’s merchandise like Surf-n-Sea and Angels by the Sea Hawaii in this all new store created by Masae and her sister’s family.




Everybody is Excited and Eager to get in there and start shopping. In fact there have already been some special people that have been in and bought.


And of course Art and jewelry by Masae









Information is Power

Sunday, March 26th, 2017


People come into your store to “discover” more about what you sell.


They can tell from the outside if you sell clothes, jewelry, art, cosmetics or whatever. What they don’t know is anything about the product’s details and quality.


This is where you come into the picture.

Ironically, some customers fear the very thing they need most; YOU! Nobody likes to be uncomfortable and too many salespeople make customers uncomfortable.

Pushy salespeople create discomfort when they try to talk to you when you don’t want to talk, expect you to buy when you don’t like what you are looking at.


Too many salespeople deal with the discomfort by standing back and waiting for the customer to become pro-active. This too makes customers uncomfortable wondering if and how you will approach them. Since most won’t approach you, it’s important that you become the proactive one, yet do so in a no-pressure manner.

Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling is an art form. It’s also the subject of my best selling book since 1996.

To see it, CLICK HERE:

Questions Get the Best Answers

Monday, February 6th, 2017


And the best questions you can ask yourself or anyone else are;

“What?” “Who?” “How?” When and most important of all, “WHY?” 

“Ace is the Place…”

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

“I’ve heard the “Ace is the Place…” jingle so many times that when I spotted the Ace Hardware Store while driving to Home Depot today it ran through my mind, and I decided to give them a shot.
I was greeted immediately. Not wanting to “hunt” through the store I asked her where the two things I needed are located. She smiled and said that they are both on aisle 14. I went to that aisle and began my hunt. In less than an minute a man walked up and asked me what I was looking for. He walked me right to both items, which I had already walked past. I thanked him, picked them up and headed to the register.
There was one woman being processed there, so I stood behind her. In no more than a few seconds, another “salesperson” appeared, opened the other register and rang me up.
I was in and out of the store in less than 10 minutes. Walking to my car I thought, “I guess I won’t be back to Home Depot.” This is how you win return business.


Write it Right

Friday, June 10th, 2016


Look Smart:

Little common mistakes people make when writing become a part of their image.
For more help on looking smart when sending e-mails, CLICK HERE:

anecdote A quick story of something that happened, often used as an illustration of a point.
antidote A drug that counteracts a poison.
  “He told an anecdote about how they discovered which antidote the patient needed.”


complimentary Free; or saying nice things.
complementary Related to going well with something else.
  “She was very complimentary about the main course and the complementary side dishes.”


everyday Commonplace, not remarkable.
every day Two words meaning… well… every 24-hour period.
  “I call it my everyday china, but I eat out so much I don’t use it every day.”


farther Describes physical distance.
further Anything other than physical distance.
  “The farther I traveled from home, the further I came to understand how others live.”


home in To get closer and closer to a target, as in radar.
hone To polish or perfect.
  “I’m honing my skills at homing in on a niche market.”


i.e., That is… in other words… what I really mean is…
e.g., For example…


X and I Use “I” when you’re performing an action.
X and me Use “me” when you’re the object of the action.
X and myself Wrong in all circumstances.
  Simple rule: if you eliminated the “X and” part of the sentence; which word would you use?“The tickets were given to [Jarrod and] me, but [Lisa and] I went to the show.”


its Belonging to it. Possessive, but there’s no apostrophe.
it’s It is. This a contraction, so the apostrophe takes the place of the missing letters and sticks the two words together.
  “It’s rumored that the company will lay off half its workforce.”


lay, laying, laid You lay something down, you were laying something down, you did or have laid something down.
lie, lying, lay, lain You lie down, you were lying down, you lay down in the past, you have lain down.
  “I always have to lie down after I lay tile.”
“He was just lying around when he was supposed to be laying down the rhythm tracks.”
“After the paramedics laid him on the stretcher, he lay there, terrified.”


peak The highest point, the ultimate.
peek A quick look at something. (So you want to invite people to take a sneak peek, not a sneak peak.)
pique Annoyance (noun); to provoke, invite, or arouse (verb)
  “She took the tram to the peak of the mountain, but due to her fear of heights, was afraid to even peek.”


their Belonging to them.
there Over there, there is.
  “There’s a spot over there where they keep their tools.”


whose Who owns it.
who’s Who is. That contraction thing again.
  Abbott and Costello are the act whose classic bit was “Who’s on First.”


your Belonging to you. But almost universally misused in Internet communications to mean…
you’re You are. Again, it’s a contraction so it gets an apostrophe.
  “You’re about to get a big credibility boost to your site if you fix this one mistake.”

“It’s Okay…but”

Sunday, April 10th, 2016


“Not Yet”
One of the most important things salespeople must do is overcome their fear of rejection. Nobody likes to be rejected and the surest way to avoid it is doing nothing. When you hear “No” think of it as, “No not yet,” back off and stay in the game.


Slow Dancing
Selling is a lot like slow dancing with a stranger. One of the two people might like the relationship to go farther than the other.
You discover how close you can get by observing and respecting the subtle body language of the other person.
It’s much easier to sell what the customer wants to buy than what you want to sell.

Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion

Friday, February 26th, 2016


Sympathy, Empathy and Compassion are three words which are often misunderstood or misinterpreted.
There’s a time and place when each of them is appropriate.


You should have sympathy for a person (or animal) that is in a painful condition through no fault of his or her own, and not in a position to alleviate the pain without help.
Sympathy is a feeling of care and concern for someone, often someone close, accompanied by a wish to see him better off or happier. It is not the same as pity.


Empathy is often confused with pity, sympathy, and compassion, which are each reactions to the plight of others.
Empathy is knowing that some momentary pain will result in a long time benefit. Doctors for example, must have empathy, not sympathy for their patients.


Compassion is like empathy on steroids. Compassion is putting yourself into the shoes of an innocent person that is suffering from an inescapable situation that nobody can do anything about at the moment, such as a child living in a war zone.

When you exude the appropriate feelings for others, you help them even when you can’t directly. I once heard my good friend Wally (famous) Amos describe his feelings when a loud siren in Waikiki interrupts the solitude he is enjoying. He say’s to himself, “Somebody is in distress and help is on the way.” That has stuck with me for many years.


Tuesday, February 16th, 2016


Start Here:
The first step to becoming more successful is imagining yourself already there. Get a picture in your mind’s eye of the person you wish to be, and then hold on to that image.
Discovering success is like opening a safe. Once you know the combination it’s easy, without it frustrating.
Everyone can have success. Success is more than money. Success is happiness, satisfaction, health AND wealth. Success is getting what you want out of life no mater what that is.
Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”


W. Clement Stone was a successful businessman, philanthropist and author. He said that human beings have a brain and nervous system unequaled by any computer. This is where are all human beings are equal. They all have a brain and nervous system that allows them to think, plan and feel their way to success. The other “equality” is 24 hours every day to pursue their ambitions. To some success may be sleeping on the beach, to others its climbing high up on the corporate ladder. Both are successful if they reach that goal.

“There’s nothing capricious in nature, and the implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is within the constitution of the creature that feels it.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Simply stated, you wouldn’t want it if you were incapable of having it.


Thursday, January 28th, 2016


There are many reasons that more people going into business fail than succeed. At the top of the list is a disease I affectionately call “TIAD” which stands for “Thumbs In Armpit Disease.” People become vulnerable to this disease when they are successful.  There’s a temptation to let up right after making a big sale, or having a great month. The vast majority of people need a “Boss” to succeed, and when becoming their own boss, become that boss they wish they had when they were on somebody’s payroll. Managing oneself is a real challenge, yet crucial to the success of the business.


It’s the Law!
People have the right to get paid for what they do. Minimum wage laws in most states say that anyone working for a company must be paid. The exception to that rule is the owner. Owners have the opportunity to “work for free” and in some cases even pay for that privilege. People go into business to make a profit and when expenses outweigh income, failure looms. The best thing that “paid employees” can do to enhance their opportunities is to make the business successful.