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Kaka’ako Cat Man

Sunday, August 21st, 2016


Angel of Mercy
Erik is an 80 year old gentleman that spends all day, every day feeding and caring for feral cats in and around the Kaka’ako neighborhood.
He has had this mission for 15 years now and he works up to 15 hours a day visiting the various open areas where cats and kittens have been dumped.


Food and More
Besides feeding the cats, he offers them a trip to the vet to be “fixed” in order to keep the population down.



Kaka’ako Beach Park
There’s a lot to see while strolling through this wonderful park.
Many of Honolulu’s homeless and feral cats find this to be a great place to live.


Stairway to the Sea
One of my favorite features at this park is the easy access into a pool of ocean water protected by sea walls.


“Dinner Time!”
When Eric’s car pulls into the parking lot at Kaka’ako Beach Park, the cats and birds come running. He feeds the birds first so that they don’t eat the cat’s food.


“Erick’s Kitchen”
The rear of Erick’s car is filled with feeding tools and supplies.


My New Friend
Erick told me some heart warming stories, like finding a cat pinned under a fallen tree. He freed the cat only to see that his leg was smashed beyond repair. He took the cat to the vet where his leg had to be amputated. After the surgery, this cat got a new home on Erik’s boat, where about 15 others reside due to circumstances where they could not survive at the park.
I heard some heart breaking stories too, like loose dogs from the homeless tents attacking the cats and literally tearing them apart. My heart went out to him as he described seeing this happen more than a few times. In addition to my heart, all of the money I had in my pocket went out as well, and I will be back to give him more. This guy is a real living saint.

Who Do You Know???

Thursday, October 29th, 2015


“Who Needs it?”
I am going to celebrate my 75th birthday in September of next year. As a gift to myself and Masae, I am (with a few special exceptions) going to stay off of airplanes and out of the spotlight. Been there; Done that!


My Legacy
With no “heir apparent” in the company, my work will consist of paying more attention to the Morning Report, as it is the one thing (besides my books) that allows me to make a difference in a company without physically showing up. Hundreds of people get their customized Morning Report every morning before the roosters crow here in Hawaii.
It’s nice to be able to say that I don’t need any more business, but like anyone in business I will always take more. The Morning Report is scalable, and with the help of Masae and Tammy we have grown to hundreds of customers, but could have thousands, all benefitting from it.
Thus the question, “Who do you know that should be benefitting from the Morning Report?” To see how it works, CLICK HERE:


I officially retired the first time on May 1, 1981 when I sold Empress Pearls, Inc. in Hollywood, California, and came to Hawaii to surf and enjoy the islands. It’s been a great 35 years of “retirement” while establishing Success Dynamics and writing eight books. I retired my trusty surfboard in 1991 to focus on the business. It is handsomely displayed among other classics in the ceiling of Surf-n-Sea in Haleiwa. 
I eliminated our formal office staff of four in 2010, and have been gradually winding things down. I’m now ready to “retire” again (yeah right!) and will compensate you handsomely for sending us Morning Report prospects. To qualify as a “prospect” for the Morning Report a business must have these three elements:
1. Customers
2. Salespeople
3. An owner who would like to move his or her business to the next level.