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Juicing Magic

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015


Lunch & Dinner
This lunch and dinner cost a total of $16.10. It’s packed with healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and it is 100% fat free. While it would be impossible to eat all of this, drinking it is EASY.


Step 1
The “work” part is the prepping; cutting it up into “bite size” pieces to fit into the juicer.


Step 2
Next is feeding the pieces into the juicer. The pulp goes into one container, the juice into another.  In my case it’s an Omega cold press model I got from Amazon.


Ready to Drink
Yes, it takes some effort, but the benefits are enormous. It’s energy packed and will keep you going for hours with no hunger pangs.


If you have ever thought about juicing but need some motivation, watch these two videos.


The Lazy Way
For those not up to doing all of this, you can still enjoy some of the benefits by  buying cold pressed juice at Starbucks. It won’t be as fresh, and it comes in plastic, :-( but it is still much better for you than a Coke, burger and Fries. :-)