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Whose Job Is It?

Saturday, May 30th, 2015


“It’s Not My Job”
Have you ever had that thought, or even worse, said it? Today’s job specialization and job descriptions have created a void in responsibility.
Everyone at Disneyland shares the same job title. Secretaries, ride operators, janitors and executives are all, “Cast Members.” That title alone sends the message to everyone that they are part of a team.
Executives will occasionally walk through the park and intentionally drop a small piece of paper or gum wrapper on the ground, and then see how long it takes before some “Cast Member” picks it up and puts it in a trash container. I’ve heard that it’s a matter of minutes, or even seconds is all. While there are janitors throughout the park, there’s a greater likelihood that someone else will see it first.


For Example:
I wonder how many employees walked past this scene and how many customers saw it as their 1st impression upon entering the store. I am sure that somewhere high enough up in the company there is a person who would “fix it” now.


Downtown Disaster
And with Honolulu being so dependent upon visitors for its livelihood, a scene like this should be intolerable.


Monday, May 25th, 2015


Nobody Likes it - Everybody Gets It
While this is true, nobody gets more rejection than salespeople do. It’s important to understand that it’s simply customers reacting to the paradigm they have that salespeople are pushy and likely to make them feel uncomfortable. You can’t take it personal! The key is to create a “paradigm shift” and demonstrate that while being pro-active, you are also sensitive and willing to shut up and back off at the right time.


Selling is a “Giving Profession”
To sell is to give. Those who give… get. You give service and information. Your customers give you their money; you don’t have to take it.
Thieves take money; salespeople earn it. Selling is, “Giving the customer sufficient information to make an intelligent buying decision, be it, Yes or No.”


The objective is to turn, “No” into, “No, not yet” which is really what it is. Whenever being rejected, be sure that your first, next word is, “Okay.” When customers hear, “Okay,” they relax, thinking that their rejection attempt worked. But if your, “Okay,” is quickly, and tactfully followed by the word, “But,” you are still in the game. In Retail Selling Made Easy I say that you must learn your “Okay buts.” An “Okay, but” is a planned, rehearsed reaction to an anticipated objection.


Thursday, May 21st, 2015


It’s a Waste!
In Success Made Easy I suggest that you “Get rid of the snooze buttons in your life.” I think that the “Snooze Button” is one of the worst, yet most popular inventions ever. Everyone knows how they work; you decide what time you need to get up and then set the alarm six minutes earlier than that so you can get another six minutes of sleep after it goes off. Some people set it 12 minutes earlier to allow an added 12 minutes.


Deep Sleep
Chances are that you were in a deep sleep when the alarm rang and while hitting the snooze button may appear to feel good, the reality is that it won’t be the same as another six minutes of true “deep sleep” would be.


Six, 12, 18, 24 or More
Most, if not all snooze buttons are set at six minutes allowing one to sleep another six, twelve 18 or more hours. I have found that I am better off setting the alarm for the time I NEED TO get up and then GET UP when it goes off, regardless how much I might feel like staying in bed.


Just Hanging!
Unless you have nothing better to do than hang out all day, like some creatures I know, then time spent getting a jump on the day is a better way to go. And in that case there’s no need for an alarm clock at all.

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Sunday, May 17th, 2015


It’s a Killer!
The year was 1996. I was relaxing on my lanai in Haleiwa enjoying the ocean view with my good friend the successful artist and author Wyland, when he asked, “So, when are you going to write that book?”
My snappy comeback was, “One of these days,” thinking that would end the interrogation. Wyland then asked me if I have ever opened my calendar and saw the the words, “One of these days?” I got the message but was still not ready and said, “I have never written a book, and quite honestly wouldn’t know where to start.” He said, “Stand up.” I followed the order at which point he took the sofa we were sitting on and drug it out onto the lawn by the ocean, and told me where to sit. He then went out to his car got his camera, took my picture and said, “Okay, you’ve got the cover. I am going to go home and write forward. All you have to do is start with Chapter 1.”
There is a lot more to this story, but the bottom line is one year later I had my first book finished.


When it appeared on the non-fiction best sellers list, I got excited and began writing Retail Selling Made Easy, which went on to become a real block buster.


On a roll now I wrote Sales Management Made Easy to complete the set. As of today I have a total of eight books on the market and enjoying thousands of dollars of added income every month all because of Wyland’s kickstart on the beach that day in 1996.



“Mahalo Wyland”
Whenever I find myself signing books at a speaking event I think about that day in Haleiwa back in 1996 and am grateful for the nudge I got.
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Remember Your Past

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015


But Live for Today

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”
-Charles Dederich
Founder The Synanon organization

As is the case with most quotations that have passed the test of time, there’s a lot of truth and wisdom in this one. “The past” is just that; it has passed, and while it’s fun to look back and remember the good times, it’s not who you are today. The lessons you are learning today are shaping your future. As you think about the person you would like to be remembered as, act as that person would today.

In the 60’s I enjoyed some good times with a newly formed rock band, Ruby Wheeler. They were young, enthusiastic and very talented and I enjoyed sharing business concepts with them. You can see and hear them by CLICKING HERE: 

At the same I was hanging out with the boys in the band I was busy building the business (Empress Pearls) that would allow me to retire in Hawaii someday. That day came on May 1, 1981 and this is where I still am. The habits and work ethic that I developed while building that business have become a part of my DNA.  Who I am has motivated me to build another business and write eight books during my “retirement.”

Start today becoming who you you want to be tomorrow, enjoy the journey and keep smiling.

Which One Are You?

Saturday, May 9th, 2015


A. Those Who Get What They Want
B. Those Who Take What They Get

Which of these two basic types gets the most?
Which one do YOU want to be?
Yes, you get to decide.

“A Types” decide what they want, set specific goals and then continuously ask themselves what they must do to get there. They are persistent. They track their results and hold themselves accountable. They DON’T make excuses.

“B Types” don’t know SPECIFICALLY what they want. They set “If Goals” and “Try Goals.” In the end they say, “I tried, I did my best.

Whose Job Is It?

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015



In business it’s common, smart and needed for different people to be responsible for different parts of the job, but in the end everyone can play a role. Don Heafner is the trainer at Clark Hatch Fitness Center, not the janitor, but he can’t walk by fingerprints on a machine without stopping to wipe them off.

At Disney they have janitors, but anybody seeing trash on the ground is expected to stop and pick it up. The rule is, “You must inspect what you expect.” Disney actually has someone in upper management intentionally drop a gum wrapper or some other small piece of trash on the ground and then watch to see how long it takes before someone; anyone stops to pick it up. The result is, “Seconds” thus a clean park. Oftentimes the person picking it up is another member of upper management. The more eyes you have on the end result the better.

Why Dress Codes

Friday, May 1st, 2015


Appearances Matter
More and more businesses are controlling the appearance of their employees and even their clientele. This is not without reason. The fact is that people judge people on three things:

1. How You Look
2. Now You Act
3. What You Say

Precise appearance propriety varies from one job to another, but in all cases professionalism applies.
Acting enthusiastic communicates pleasure in your job and belief in your company. That adds up to trust.
To be sure you are saying it right, decide what it should be BEFORE you need to say it. People that shoot from the hip sometimes shoot themselves in the foot.