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“Keep Smiling”

Monday, June 29th, 2015


There’s nothing better than a big smile to warm things up, regardless how cold the surroundings are. Customers will oftentimes put their “Shopping Face” on when entering a store. They avoid eye contact and walk away from the salesperson. Their purpose is to discourage salespeople from approaching them. And… It Works.


“Just Looking”
It’s a look that say’s, “Don’t even try. I’m just looking.” It’s a look that can intimidate a salesperson and prevent him or her from doing their job; helping customers with good information.


Big Smile
A big smile can melt the coldest customer. Those that see me often know that my parting words are always, “Keep Smiling.” That’s good advice in two words.

It’s a Game!

Friday, June 26th, 2015


It’s Your Move
In RETAIL SELLING MADE EASY  I use some chess termanology when talking about giving the customer information. In chess the person is making the next “move” can take whatever amount of time that he or she chooses before making the move. Once this person’s hand is removed from the chess-piece it becomes the other person’s move.
When selling you you give the customer one piece of factual information about the merchandise being looked at and then shut up. Shutting up is the same as removing your hand from the chess-piece; it now becomes the customer’s move. The customer will make one of five different moves. The customer;
1.) Buys it.
2.) Walks (or looks) away from it.
3.) Asks you a question about it.
4. Continues to look at it silently.
5. Makes an excuse to escape and leave the store.
Once one of those moves is made it becomes the salesperson’s move.


Your Counter-Move.
In chess the good players anticipate what their opponents are likely to do and then plan their next move in advance. Good salespeople will do the same.

1.  The customer say’s, “Okay, I’ll take it.”
The good salesperson writes up the order and suggests something to go along with it.

2.  The customer walks (or looks) away from it.
The good salesperson steps back and remains focused on the customer anticipating his or her next move.

3. The customer asks a question about it.
The good salesperson answers the question and then shuts up.

4. The customer continues to look at it without commenting or asking a question.
The good salesperson remains quiet for thee long seconds and if the customer is still looking at it offers another piece of factual information.

5. The customer makes an excuse to leave the store without buying or commiting to buy.
The good salesperson takes the pressure off and then becomes a detective seeking to discover the real reason the customer is not buying; there always is one.


Find the Money
Like any good detective, the good sales detective asks good questions. The best question to ask when the customer is on the run is, “Okay, but what is it about this particular piece that MIGHT NOT be right for you?” The most important words in this question are, “Might Not.” Maybe it is right. You ned to know. And, after asking the question, stay quiet; it’s the customers move.

To Sell It; Stock It!

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

 It’s Not Rocket Science; It’s Good Business!


Its Time is Up!
My iPad Mini Prodigee stand-up case has seen its day. I’ve had it for a few years now and I love it, so when it began to deteriorate, I took it back to Tricked Out Accessories  in Ala Moana Shopping Center where I originally bought it. The salesperson told me that they are all out of them and asked me if I want to see a different kind. I said, “No, this is he one I want and I will find it somewhere else.” She was fine with that.

I strolled down to the ATT Store, showed it to the salesperson and asked him if they carry this. He said, “Yes we do” and proceeded to look through a drawer for it. After a bit of hunting, he said, “I guess that we are out of those” and proceeded to show me some other models, none of which I liked. I told him hat I would check on Amazon and he said, “That’s probably the best place to get it.”


In Stock!
He was right, they had it, I bought it, and it’s on its way to Honolulu. I hear a lot of complaints about customers “shopping” and then “buying” from Amazon. I’m sure that some of that goes on, but in my case either of those stores would have that sale had they only had the product on hand. Amazon was not their enemy; they were!


This One, or That One?
Masae and I went into the Waikiki Apple Store to buy a new MacBook Air for her to take to Japan later this year. Our only question was, “Grey or “Gold?” We stood there looking at the two machines for about 10 minutes before someone approached us. When he did, He asked, “Did you guys need something?” I bit my tongue, and asked him if these come with the Word application, and without answering my question, he showed me the “Pages” link on the toolbar. I told him that we want to be able access the Microsoft tools the way I can on my MAC. At that point he said, “You would need to buy the software. It’s over there” as he pointed to the other end of the store. I asked him how much that is and he said, “I’m not not sure.” I asked, “Can you guess?” and he said, “About $240.” I thanked him and he left.
I then stood my iPhone up across the counter to take this photo. Another employee came over to pick up what he thought was a stray iPhone. I told him that I am taking a picture so we can look at them later to decide which color to buy. I was surprised that he didn’t offer to take the photo for us. I was actually beginning to formulate this Blog posting in my mind and wanted the photo of us being ignored.
After taking the picture (using my Hisy app) I asked him about the Microsoft software and he said, “It’s about $130.” I then told him that we will take the gold machine and he said, “Let me check to see if we have it in stock.” After searching in the computer, he informed us that they are out of stock on both of the colors we are looking at. I asked if he could check the Ala Moana and Kahala Mall stores. He quickly did and said that they are out too. I asked when they would come in and he said, “We never know” and then told me that I could order it on-line, but that they would not ship it to a store. We left empty handed.

Closing Sales!

Friday, June 19th, 2015

“Show Me the Money!”
There comes a time in every sale that the customer must pay for whatever he or she has decided to buy. Prior to the decision being made there’s a likelihood that some stress was being felt by both the customer and the salesperson. Once the decision to buy is made, the customer moves instantly from the “agony of buying” into the “ecstasy of owning.”


“Should I or Shouldn’t I?”
It’s crucial that all salespeople keep in mind that the customer has more to gain from the purchase than they or anyone else does from the transaction. The customer will most likely have the product long after the salesperson and company have spent the commission or profit. Your job as a salesperson is to be sure that the customer gets sufficient information to make an intelligent buying decision, whether it be, “Yes” or “No.”


Chapter 9 - Step 6
This chapter in Retail Selling Made Easy shows how to make the toughest part of selling “EASY” when done right.


Wednesday, June 17th, 2015


Proverbs and quotations that have passed the test of time have meaning, like this one:

“If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again.”
-William Edward Hickson (1803–1870)

One of the really cool things about life is all of the “Re-Do Opportunities” you get. Once you set a goal to accomplish something, you unleash a universal power that is unmatched by any living human being. The Universe knows that you wouldn’t want it if you were incapable of achieving it. The Universe does not yet know however how badly you really want it.
Sometimes what you do when you miss the goal is more important than what you would have gained by achieving it. The world is full of “Success Wanna Be’s” that gave up easily.
When you set a goal that doesn’t materialize, your action options are; Tell yourself that the goal was too high and give up, or ask yourself what you could have done differently, and then launch a “Re-Do” effort armed with this new information.

One of my favorite quotations is, “I’m no smarter than anyone else, I just stick with the problem longer.”
-Albert Einstein


Read this story about R. U. Darby and how he gave up three feet away from the gold.

You never know how close you might be to something really big. Keep digging, stay positive, and it may come when and from where you least expect it.


Saturday, June 13th, 2015


“On My Way”
I was dressed, packed and prepared for my 2 PM departure when I got a text from Delta Airlines.
You Gotta Be Kidding!
The text informed me that my flight was delayed and would be departing at 4:30 AM and arrive in LA at 12:59 PM on Sunday. I have a rally scheduled at 8 AM. My client had already purchased this 1st Class ticket and was meeting me at LAX at 9 PM. What to do?

Yes it Does!
This is Chapter 5 in Success Made Easy. Have you heard that expression? When speaking about it I say, “I cleaned it up a bit” and always get a laugh. Yes, stuff does happen. It happens to everyone. It’s not the “Stuff” that matters it’s how you deal with it. My first thought was to cancel the trip, but my client, Peter Skaaning had already bought my 1st Class ticket, so I called him as well as another client that is expecting me on Monday afternoon.
Within minutes I got a call and this text from Peter:

“One who wants to finds a way, one who doesn’t finds an excuse.”  

Think and Grow Rich

Monday, June 8th, 2015


Life Changing Moment
It was sometime in the mid sixties that I first saw those words. A young man came into my office in Hollywood, CA with a stack of books under his arm and said, “Somebody gave these books to me, but I can’t relate to them, and thought that you might want them.”



He Was Right; I Did!
They contained the original manuscript for The Law of Success, later to become The Laws of Success, and ultimately Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; originally published in 1937.


Battered, but…
Inside I have dated notes of my thoughts at the time. I had several other copies before this one. I gave them to various friends that were seeking success in hopes that they would embrace the principles in this book as I have. I’m sure that some did. I am equally sure that some others could not “relate to it” and hopefully passed it on. At the time of Hill’s death in 1970, Think and Grow Rich had sold more than 20 million copies and by 2011 over 70 million copies had been sold worldwide.
If interested, you can CLICK HERE: and find copies as low as $1.

NEVER Be “Too Busy!”

Friday, June 5th, 2015


Daddy Knew Best

“If there’s somwthing you need to get done, ask a busy person to do it.”
-Granville F. Martin

I remember my Dad telling me that, and later in life I discovered that it was originally said by Benjamin Franklin. Like many other people, I didn’t appreciate the depth of my father’s wisdom until long after he was long gone. Never allow yourself to be “Too Busy” to do something else.

“I was too busy to do it all, so I didn’t do any of it.”

Have you ever found yourself in that trap?