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What to Do???

Saturday, November 14th, 2015


Senior Cyber Moment
It was late Friday evening and I was multi-tasking; watching TV and making a calendar adjustment on my new iPhone 6s.  With one wrong click I deleted my entire calendar. I rushed to each of my other devices where the calendar was shared via the cloud (iMac, iPad and MacBook Air) only to see the entries disappear before my eyes as I opened the calendar.
Now What??? Cry? Scream? Pull my hair out? Slam the phone against the wall? These are all behavior reactions that came to mind from my younger, more immature days.
I immediately sent a text to all of the techie folks I know asking if there’s a way to retrieve it. Because the hour was late, I only got one suggestion, and that was to take it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in the morning; a place I am all too familiar with.


My next move, while shaking in “panic mode” was to post a plea for help on my Daily Motivator. Surely there would be some help there, but not until the next morning at the earliest.
I posted similar pleas for help on Facebook and Twitter, all with no replies.


“What Could I Do About This?”
Next I did what has always worked for me, I summoned up a positive attitude and asked myself what to do. In doing so, I realized that this is actually an opportunity to start all over again with a better method of posting events on my calendar. I have often wished that I knew what I know now when setting up my calendar way back when. Now I had an empty palette before me and 10 years of MAC computer learning mistakes behind me. So, today I am happily re-entering every appointment that I can remember, asking clients to remind me of any scheduled dates, searching through my contacts for any hints or reminders of upcoming events, and writing this post, which I will be able to send to anyone who someday asks me, “Where were you yesterday?”


“There’s always a rainbow somewhere after the storm.”

Selling Success Is My “Job”

Saturday, November 7th, 2015


Every Day
One small part of my job is lifting a quotation from one of my books to be used on our Morning Reports that go out to hundreds, maybe thousands of people every day.
This little task keeps me reading and re-reading my own books. I often wonder if the quote I lift each day is looked at and and thought about. Sometimes I’m embarrassed by what I said, at other times I think, “Did I really say that?” My Dad used to say, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” In my younger days I wondered how he could say that, since every day seemed so different to me. In later years I discovered that he was quoting from The Bible; a book I didn’t know he read.


Long Ago
SUCCESS MADE EASY was my first of eight books, and it was published in 1996. That sometimes seems like yesterday, other times like a lifetime ago. This book was an instant “Best Seller” in Honolulu book stores, hitting the #2 spot in its first month. It is still being sold in book stores today for $23.99 in hard cover. I sell signed copies at my Success Rallies for $20. It can now be had on iBooks or Amazon Kindle for $3.99.