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Alex And Ani Hawaii

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


April 28/2016
With six successful Alex And Ani stores in the Las Vegas area, it was exciting to see people gather at Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu to witness the opening of their 7th, and 1st Hawaii store.
A more formal evening Grand Opening will be on May 25th at 6 PM. Everyone is invited.


Mr. Energizer
Our congratulations go out to Brett Seitman, who along with Donny Borsack have spearheaded the rapid growth of this company.



Hawaiian Blessing
As is customary in Hawaii, a Hawaiian Kahu was on hand to bless the store and its staff.


In addition to the complete line of fine Alex And Ani merchandise, the Hawaii stores will be the ONLY place to buy this very special Hawaiian Aloha piece.


Brain Trust
Marketing guru Dave Erdman and I were honored to be on hand to congratulate Brett and his team. We look forward to participating in the future success of Alex And Ani in Hawaii.

Was That Yours?

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


Small World
While having coffee with my long time friend Twain Newhart he introduced me to his friend “Sal” who looked hauntingly familiar to me.


When the talking points came around to “Cars” Sal mentioned that he has a Cadillac XLR. I then told Sal that I have had Cadillacs since 1962, and the one before my current one was an XLR. We talked about colors and Sal said, “I used to see a blue one called ‘EASY’ that was really cool.” I opened up my iPhone, went to my “EASY album” and said, “Did it look like this?”



That’s the moment we both realized how well we actually know/knew each other. Sal worked for a client of mine; Body & Soul, back in the day, and we both continue to see the founder/owner Tao Miller. I was eager to put this photo on my Daily Motivator as a test to see if Tao is looking at it.


Awaiting reply now… LOL.


Thursday, April 14th, 2016


It’s About Behavior
In life there are consequences for one’s behavior. People that are caught stealing may go to jail. Those that drive too fast may get a ticket, or something worse.
Fear of those consequences cause people to “think twice” and do what’s right.
There are behavioral consequences everywhere; in School, at Work and in Relationships, but they are not as severe as they used to be. Consequently poor or improper behavior has become more likely.
Students are controlling their teachers, children their parents, and in the workplace, employers have become afraid to hire and afraid to fire.
I feel fortunate to have come from a time when consequences were real, even severe at times. My teachers had paddles and my Dad used his belt. I talk about this in my latest book; See it Here:


I make it clear in this book that I am not endorsing this form of consequences, yet there must be some, or you could end up with the “in-mates running the asylum.” The consequences could be as minimal as having a discussion with someone about his or her mis-behavior. “Discussions” like this need not be intense, and “write ups”are unnecessary. The important thing is to NOT look the other way, as it communicates that the wrong behavior was okay, and it’s NOT!
“What you don’t say says as much or more than what you do say.”

“It’s Okay…but”

Sunday, April 10th, 2016


“Not Yet”
One of the most important things salespeople must do is overcome their fear of rejection. Nobody likes to be rejected and the surest way to avoid it is doing nothing. When you hear “No” think of it as, “No not yet,” back off and stay in the game.


Slow Dancing
Selling is a lot like slow dancing with a stranger. One of the two people might like the relationship to go farther than the other.
You discover how close you can get by observing and respecting the subtle body language of the other person.
It’s much easier to sell what the customer wants to buy than what you want to sell.

1st Place

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016


Only One!
In a competition there’s only one #1, but everyone who competes is a winner.
To compete is to try harder, and when you do that, your results are better.


In a race, everyone arrives at the finish line faster than they would walking or even running alone.
Competition brings out the best in people, so to be your best at anything; COMPETE!


Olympic Mentality
At the Olympics, countries around the world send teams to compete with one another.
In addition to the competition between countries, those on the team compete with one another.


The Gold
In the end one country and one person gets the gold metal, but they are all winners and while they compete feverishly, everyone cheers for #1.
Competition is Healthy!!!