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Hot Dog Story

Monday, August 29th, 2016


Self Fulfilling Prophecy
This is an old but very telling story that a friend sent to me a while back.

Once there was a man who owned a hot dog stand that he ran by the side of the road. For years he treated his customer’s right, sold good quality hot dogs to lots of people who stopped by to purchase from him. He even made enough money to send his son to college. He wanted his son to be an educated man and successful in the world. So his son went away to college and several years later he returned with his diploma in hand. The man was very pleased to have an educated son who could help him in his business.


Educated Logic
The next day his son heard him placing his order for hot dogs and commented that he was surprised that he would order so many hot dogs and said, “Dad, haven’t you heard that there is a recession going on?” The man thought about this and concluded that his son had a college education and must know what he was talking about so he cut back his order for hot dogs. People continued to stop at the hot dog stand, but by rush hour the man had run out of hot dogs. He had to turn customers away. After a few times of stopping by and finding the man out of hot dogs his regular customers stopped coming by. This continued for a while and less and less people stopped to buy hot dogs.


Smart Kid
The man’s income dropped to the point that he could not pay his bills and he went out of business. From this the man concluded; “My son must be right, there is a recession going on!”

Kaka’ako Cat Man

Sunday, August 21st, 2016


Angel of Mercy
Erik is an 80 year old gentleman that spends all day, every day feeding and caring for feral cats in and around the Kaka’ako neighborhood.
He has had this mission for 15 years now and he works up to 15 hours a day visiting the various open areas where cats and kittens have been dumped.


Food and More
Besides feeding the cats, he offers them a trip to the vet to be “fixed” in order to keep the population down.



Kaka’ako Beach Park
There’s a lot to see while strolling through this wonderful park.
Many of Honolulu’s homeless and feral cats find this to be a great place to live.


Stairway to the Sea
One of my favorite features at this park is the easy access into a pool of ocean water protected by sea walls.


“Dinner Time!”
When Eric’s car pulls into the parking lot at Kaka’ako Beach Park, the cats and birds come running. He feeds the birds first so that they don’t eat the cat’s food.


“Erick’s Kitchen”
The rear of Erick’s car is filled with feeding tools and supplies.


My New Friend
Erick told me some heart warming stories, like finding a cat pinned under a fallen tree. He freed the cat only to see that his leg was smashed beyond repair. He took the cat to the vet where his leg had to be amputated. After the surgery, this cat got a new home on Erik’s boat, where about 15 others reside due to circumstances where they could not survive at the park.
I heard some heart breaking stories too, like loose dogs from the homeless tents attacking the cats and literally tearing them apart. My heart went out to him as he described seeing this happen more than a few times. In addition to my heart, all of the money I had in my pocket went out as well, and I will be back to give him more. This guy is a real living saint.

What’s a Blog?

Monday, August 15th, 2016


A combination of two things; The Web and a Log.
Businesses have always maintained activity logs.
Individuals have kept diaries to recorded their thoughts and activities.
Thanks to the Internet, any or all of these things can be done in a Blog and saved forever.
My Blog can be seen by anyone that CLICKS HERE:
I attempt to update it or create an entirely new one as often as possible, so check in now and then to see what’s new.

Sale City

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


The Place to Be:
Everybody is Happy in Sale City. You arrive there when your customer say’s, “I’ll Take It.”
Everybody is a winner, your customer most of all.


The Right Track:
Be sure to get on the right train. The train will go to where the track leads.


Other Places:
Not all tracks go to Sale City. Some go where you don’t want to go.


No Sale City:
This is the worst place of all. Everybody loses. Your customer most of all.


Small Talk City:
While this may look like a nice place to go, it ends up nowhere.


Your Guide:
To get to Sale City you must simply get on the right track, stay on the track and keep moving.
The Sale City Express is a tool designed to help you develop and maintain the habits that take you to Sale City.
Like any other tool, it must be used to work. When your customer leaves the store ask yourself nine “Did I” questions;

1. Did I greet this customer in the proper manner?
2. Did I remain sensitive and position myself properly with this customer?
3. Did I ask the best “Take Control Questions” to gain permission to continue with this customer?
4. Did I make the “Trust Sale” by telling this customer WHO we are, WHAT we are, WHAT we sell and WHERE it is in the store?
5. Did I give this customer the specific FACTUAL information needed to make an intelligent buying decision?
6. Did I get an “Escape Excuse” from this customer, and if so handle it with the best “OKAY, BUT” reply to discover the true objection?
7. Did I offer a nudge if this customer truly wants what you are selling and needs some help deciding to get it?
8. Did I make a sale to this customer, and if so, did I attempt to ADD ON by saying, “Oh by the way,” and suggesting something else?
9. Did I BEFRIEND this customer in the end by gathering his or her contact information and giving him or her a reason to return?

These are all questions that you know the answers to and by logging your results with each customer you develop the habit of using the Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling System which works very well when you work it. For more on this Selling System; CLICK HERE:


Record the results with 10 customers and then total them at the bottom to see where your strengths and weaknesses are.
Be honest with yourself as you record your answers just like you would on a golf score card when nobody is looking.

Good Intentions

Friday, August 5th, 2016





Far too often a good intention goes no further than the original thought to do something different or better.

The best way to stay on top of your intentions is to enlist “Habit Power.”

Habits are those things you do on a regular basis without giving any thought to them.




Every Day:

You can make the important things you want to do or achieve as simple as brushing your teeth.

The most important key to doing this is repetition. Anything that you do over and over gets easier and easier to do. This is true with both good things and bad things. Many people get very good at some very bad things.

You have no doubt heard the phrase, “Practice Makes Perfect.” Actually, “Practice Makes Permanent.”




Habit Power:

Think about those things that you are doing habitually and set out to build some new and better habits that will make success as easy as brushing your teeth.

If there is something in your life or business that you want to change, identify the behavior that will lead to the desired result and then make your progress visual. If there’s something you want to impact, measure it. To impact it even further measure it more often.




The Boss:

Make your goals The Boss. Make your goals visual and track your progress towards them, ideally EVERY DAY. People who know where they are going are far more likely to get where they want to be than those who simply take what comes their way.





Attitude plus Behavior equals Results. To change your results, change the factors that lead to that desired result. While there may be many other factors, these two are the most important and they are fully within your control.




See it; Do it; and Get it!

Once you identify the thing you wish to change or impact, identify the behavior needed to accomplish it and then simply DO IT; or as NIKE say’s, “DO IT NOW!”




Affirm It:

Affirmations are powerful. Remind yourself daily by tracking your results. If losing weight is the goal, tell The Boss, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”





And remember that the Control Tower is sitting on your own two shoulders. You have control over your destiny.





And finally, if you would like us to do all of this for you, EVERY DAY, we can with our personalized Morning Report, customized to get you and your staff focused on achieving whatever goals you set, as well as tracking ANYTHING else that’s important to you, all at a cost that’s les than buying your team a cup of coffee every day. To see a short clip explaining how this works, CLICK HERE and enjoy success.