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Revisiting Handsome Charlie -RIP

Sunday, February 18th, 2018



I met “Handsome Charlie” when I moved to Waikiki in 1981 and needed a key made. We talked about his real estate successes for hours.


As I was leaving he handed me this little red Chinese envelope with a crispy $20 bill on the inside.

He said, “This will bring you good luck. If you never spend this money you will never need any money.” I didn’t and I haven’t.

I have carried this in my pocket since that day, and whenever tempted to spend it, I thought about Charlie.

I made it a point to visit him as often as I could. He had a little chair in front of his store and when I saw him sitting in it I would stop to chat.

One day flowers were in the place of the chair and his precious Lock Doctor was closed. I didn’t want to stop.

I drive by his old store several times a week. The flowers are still there, but “The Handsome One” has gone on.

What’s a Mantra?

Saturday, February 10th, 2018


Self Talk
It’s You-on-You! Ancient Hindus thought of a Mantra as a meaningless sound, like a hum that blocks out conscious thoughts and other interruptions while meditating. In the modern world I have found a different way of using a mantra.


Thoughts Become Things
Any thought repeated to yourself over and over eventually becomes what it is. Sound spacey? It is. Failures use negative Mantras without realizing it, telling themselves that they can’t do it or how unfortunate they are to be in the space they are in. Their Mantra becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and sometime down the road they can say, “I knew it.”


Self Realization
Early in my career I was introduced to Paramahansa Yogananda and his Self Realization Fellowship “church.” I read his Autobiography and became a different, better person because of it. I authored the following “Mantra” to say to myself over and over while doing things such as running and driving. I continue to use it to this day. It flashes back to me in times of need, reminding me that all is well.

“Infinite intelligence guides me, to the health and the wealth and success that are mine, deep down inside of me.”

This is the first time that I have shared this very personal thing. Feel free to adopt it, or better yet, use it as a guide to write your own.

Join the KGB

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018


No, not the Russian Intelligence Agency.

This KGB is “You on You” to KEEP GETTING BETTER.

You are becoming what you think about, so to get better, you must think better. Analyze your thoughts as you go through your day to be sure they are in line with your desires.


Think About YOUR Self Talk  

You are bombarded with a mix of different thoughts throughout each of the 24 hours you get every day. Some are positive and others are negative.

Think about this and take CONTROL of it.

Identify your “Dominant Thought,” that thought that repeats itself, as it will tell you where you are heading.


Questions are the Answer!

When you are asked a question your mind looks for the answer. The same is true when you ask yourself a question.

So, achieving anything is made much easier when you ask yourself the right questions.

Asking yourself, Why can’t I do this?” will get you an answer that may lead to throwing in the towel. Why try of you “can’t?”

Asking yourself, “How can I do this?” will get you the answers you need to hear.