What’s R2A2?

November 15th, 2017



When I ask, “What’s R2A2?” at my Surf-n-Sea Success Rally, everyone knows the answer  Do you? 

I discovered this formula reading THINK AND GROW RICH while “snowed in” about 1962 in a Buffalo, New York motel. Where were you? 

Author Napoleon Hill  discovered the formula while interviewing successful people during the Great Depression at the request of Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie’s empire was not showing any losses while businesses around him were crumbling. People were losing their homes, jobs and cars. Carnegie did not understand why he wasn’t feeling the pinch himself, and if it was something he was doing that they weren’t, he wanted to find out what it was and share the wealth. R2A2 is one of the two biggest things that I took away from reading this book that snowy February day in Buffalo.

The philosophy is that whenever ANYTHING pops up on your screen of life, think, R2A2; Recognize, Relate, Assimilate and Apply.

-RECOGNIZE the principle at play. RELATE that principle back to your own business and or life. ASSIMILATE what you have observed. Take it on board, absorb it and make it yours. APPLY what you  have learned.

When you habitually practice R2A2 thinking, you will learn and grow from every experience; good or bad. Get a “rotten customer, think “R2A2.” Get a great customer think “R2A2.

I often refer to the movie “MR. 3000″ as an example of this. While the movie is about a baseball player, (Bernie Mac) you do not need to be a baseball fan to enjoy this movie. And if you think, “R2A2″ at the end, you will learn a valuable lesson. I challenge you, watch the movie and then tell me what the principle was, and how YOU can benefit from it.

Handsome Charlie

November 11th, 2017



I met “Handsome Charlie” when I moved to Waikiki in 1981 and needed a key made. We talked about his real estate successes for hours.


As I was leaving he handed me this little red Chinese envelope with a crispy $20 bill on the inside.

He said, “This will bring you good luck. If you never spend this money you will never need any money.” I didn’t and I haven’t.

I have carried this in my pocket since that day, and whenever tempted to spend it, I thought about him.

I made it a point to visit him as much as I could. He had a little chair in front of his store and when I saw him in it I would stop to chat.

One day flowers were in the place of the chair and his precious Lock Doctor was closed. I didn’t want to stop.

I drive by his old store several times a week. The flowers are still there, but “The Handsome One” has gone on.


November 10th, 2017


It’s About How YOU See Things

Webster defines a paradigm as, “a typical example or pattern of something; a model.”

A “faulty paradigm” can stifle action, and it’s action that makes things happen.

When heading down the road to success, it’s good to remember that everyone has paradigms about many different things.

Sometimes a “paradigm shift“ is needed. Here’s a great example of that.


I live in a pet friendly building in downtown Honolulu. One day I got in the elevator and a huge local man stepped in along with his huge pit bull, which was muzzled. Everyone in the elevator stepped back and stayed quiet. Once we arrived at our floor, and were out of earshot, my wife gave me an earful about that man and his dog. “It’s not that dog’s fault that he’s mean. It’s that man’s fault for the way the dog has been treated.” Of course I agreed. This was the scene every time we saw the man and his muzzled dog. Then one day I was in the elevator when the man and his dog stepped in. There was no muzzle on the  dog, and people stepped as far back into the elevator as possible. I cautiously asked him, “Why isn’t your dog muzzled today?”


He said, “Oh she doesn’t need a muzzle, she’s the sweetest dog in the world. Her name is Angel, I saved her from a dog fighting ring out in Waianae when she was a little puppy, go ahead and pet her.” I did, and sweet she was. I asked him, “So, what’s with the muzzle?  He said, “The resident manager asked me to muzzle her because some of the residents are afraid of her.”

When my wife came home I told her this story, and now she loves that man. She had a paradigm shift. She learned that things weren’t what she thought based on the information she had.

Customers come into stores with preconceived paradigms about salespeople and vice-versa. It’s the salesperson’s job to create a paradigm shift with sincere attention to the customer, and without pressure. That’s a fine line at times.

    NOTE: Dogs in the photos are actually stand-ins forAngel. 

Digital Book Evolution

October 31st, 2017


“I Still Love Signing Books, But…” 

It’s hard to believe that 21 years have slipped by since my first book, Success Made Easy was published. Iv’e grown tired of hauling them around with me, storing them, maintaining an inventory, and updating them for future editions. None of these things are required with Kindle or iBooks, and for the customer they are $3.99 instead of $23.99. AND they will never become ragged. Yes you can make notes in the digital books.

It’s hard to believe that 21 years have slipped by since my first book, Success Made Easy was published.


And, even more mind boggling is that four years have gone by since my books first became available on Kindle and iBooks. Publishing can include a lot of “humbug” so I thought I was through writing. But, because writing for digital publishing is so much faster and convenient. I wrote several more.

I’ve found that a lot of people who don’t have a Kindle device do not know that they can read Kindle books on every type of computer, smart phone and tablet. Simply download the Kindle App for FREE and be able to read all of your books on the go completely synched with each other! I have about 50 books in my pocket; on my iPhone.


Furniture Store Selling Made Easy remains #1, outselling all of the others by an Amazing 7 to 1!


Just today, Jewelry Store Selling Made Easy moved into 2nd place passing up The One Minute Asshole, Surf Shop Selling Made Easy, Solar Selling Made Easy, and Art Gallery Selling Made Easy.





Jewelry Store Selling Made Easy, Solar Selling Made Easy and Art Gallery Selling Made Easy (in that order) are a close 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in terms of sales.

Links to these and any other digital books can be found at the bottom of everyday’s Daily Motivator, or you could search my name and or the name of the book; Or call me; IT’S EASY!




October 29th, 2017


“Excuses - Excuses - Excuses!!!”

My roots are in direct sales, where people are independent contractors. They become their “Own Boss.” A boss is something that 90% of those around us MUST HAVE to succeed. And being “your own boss” is a real tough one. Being accountable to one’s self, and not falling prey to excuses and self-pity are the key to independent success in any field.

Join the KGB


No; Not This One 

Keep Getting Better - KGB

I have been studying successful people, analyzing what they do, and then applying what’s relative to me for more than 50 years.

I have found that these successful people have many things on common. Perhaps the most prevalent of those is their refusal to except the excuses that other people do. The rain comes down on everyone, some people benefit from it while others drown in it.


October 27th, 2017


“What’s the Rush?”

Have you ever noticed that the driver ahead of you is never in as big of a rush as the one behind you?

Some other “Toe Tapping” moments are;

-Waiting for a red light to turn green. 

-Waiting for the coffee to brew .

-Waiting for the toast to pop-up.

-Waiting for the elevator to arrive.

-Waiting in line at the coffee shop. 

-Waiting for service in a restaurant. 



How many others can you think of?

What makes “waiting for attention…” different than all of the other examples listed here?

The Moment That I Became a Millionaire

October 25th, 2017


Yes, the “MOMENT”

I was invited to an event in the home of Mr. Chuck Young one day in the early ‘60s. It was a lavish Southern California estate, a huge home with a magnificent view, very large swimming pool, lots of privacy and a big backyard.


While sipping on ice tea by the pool I mustered up the courage to ask,  “How much does a place like this set one back?“

His answer changed my life. He said, “Oh, I could never afford to buy a house like this, I rent it.“

I was so young and naïve that I didn’t even know people with homes like that rent them out.

I sold my $17,300 home in Buena Park, CA;


And rented a $300,000 home on an acre in the hills of LaHabra Heights with a view of the city below.


My neighbors were millionaires, my consciousness was changing.

I have lived like a millionaire every since that day. Only I knew at times I wasn’t one. I never claimed to be one, I just lived like one. I have always lived in luxury homes and condos, and drove a new Cadillac. In the early days I even dressed like a millionaire; actually I still do, but different :-)  Am I one? I guess so, it all depends upon how you arrange the marbles. But, officially arriving at that point didn’t mean much because I had thought of myself as, and lived like a millionaire all along, even spending money I didn’t have at times to maintain my own self image.

“Get a mental picture of yourself as you want to be, and then grow into that person.”

How I Got Here

October 23rd, 2017


It’s a Party!

When people ask me how I got started in business, I ask, “Are you familiar with Home Party Selling? It is amazing how many are not. The most common answers I get are;


“No, what’s that?”

“Is it multi-level?”

“Oh, you mean like Tupperware?” 


We did not start Empress Pearls with the concept of home party selling in mind.




Originally, I thought that a retail location somewhere in a tourist environment like Balboa Island would be the way to go.

My friend Art Parent and I then opened up a small retail jewelry store; about 500 sq. ft. right next to the local fire station. It was a disaster, and looking back, the signs of its impending doom are quite clear today. We got out of there so fast that I cannot even remember what we named the store.

Art recognized this faster than I did and suggested we do something different.

He had seen a flyer for a Home Show in Reno Nevada.

Our primary product was Pearls, so we came up with a Polynesian theme, built a thatched roof, bamboo hut with a sales counter.




Our concept; but a fraction of this size. 

After toiling all evening building our bamboo hut, and about to open for business, the Fire Marshal came over and asked if our booth had been fire proofed. Art immediately said, “Of course it has, now let us get back to work.“

The fire marshal removed a lighter from of his pocket, reached up to our thatched roof and lit the corner of it on fire. He said, “It looks like you missed some of it.“

We pleaded hopelessly for permission to open. He was nice enough to give us the name of the hardware store that sells an egg-white product that we could paint on our booth to fire proof it. He said, “I will come back and inspect it.” We went to that store, bought that sticky, smelly product and spent all day painting and fireproofing our nice little hut. The fire marshal never came back.




Reno Distraction: 

The show went on day and night for four days. After dinner every night Art would gamble with what little bit of cash we brought in that day. After the last day, we had about $1,200. I went to bed, Art went to the casino. The following morning Art told me that we barely have enough money to get back to California. It was a very long, very quiet, very somber, very life changing drive.




SEVEN People ONE Bathroom 

At this point in our venture Art & his wife Patty, along with their two children, Artie, & Lynnette, were all living in my, recently purchased, 3 Bedroom, ONE bathroom house in Buena Park with me, my wife and my infant son. I don’t know what was Art was thinking while we were driving back to California that day, but we were both terrified at the thought of “facing the wives.”

That’s when it hit me. I suddenly remembered that my sister, a young housewife with two children living in Corona California, had asked me many times if Art & and I could bring our jewelry into her home and sell it to her girlfriends.





This all of a sudden was all that I could think about. We stopped the car and I called my sister from a phone booth, anyone remember those? I told her to get her girlfriends over to the house tonight at 7 PM. She was accustomed to me bossing her around, so she agreed to see what she could put together. I figured that if we drove straight from that phone booth to her house, we could have a “Pearl Party” that evening, and have some grocery money when we got home.

We had our bamboo hut in the car. We had plenty of inventory left over from the Home Show. We re-assembled the bamboo hut in my sister’s living room and that night did more business with her 12 to 15 friends than we did all four days at the Home Show.

Three of my sister’s friends asked if we would do this at their homes. BAM! We were now officially in the Home Party Jewelry Business. The next day Art said, “Ron, do you think we really need that bamboo hut?“




Who Knew?

A decade later we had close to 100 formal offices stretched across the United States with thousands of independent contractor salespeople running pearl parties; anywhere from two or three a month to 20 or 30 a month depending upon what they wanted to get out of the business.




                                                          RIP Buddy 


Art Parent and I made great partners. Our interests went in two different directions, mine towards selling; his towards manufacturing and printing, all of which were necessary to keep our company going and growing.

And that it did (for me) until May 1,1981 when I sold my shares to Art and bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii. I arrived in Waikiki knowing no-one. I had no idea what I was going to do, but I was determined that I was never, ever going to leave Hawaii.


To finish the story, 90 days into my Hawaiian retirement I got recruited to independently coach a retailer with his business. That’s where I learned how to apply the selling systems we created at Empress Pearls and tweak them to retail. That’s another story…



October 22nd, 2017


“Not Me!” 

We hear people say, “I don’t want to be micromanaged.“ And, “I don’t want to micromanage my people.“ Have you ever heard it?

My definition of micromanaging is, “An overly used term to describe management by those who either don’t want to be managed, or don’t want to or know how to manage.”





Most, almost all people need or could benefit from closer management. in professional sports there are more coaches on the sideline than there are players on the field. And the head coach never misses one play. And these are pros!




Think about how many missed opportunities there are in business.

Two things I have found people will resist more than death and taxes are, change and accountability. Ironically those are two of the most important things that they must embrace to create and generate ongoing success for themselves and for others.

Business owners have the right to know what their employees are doing, and how.

No, this is not spying. Watching the behavior of your competition could be called spying, whereas with your employees it’s part of MANAGING.

The Passion Factor

October 20th, 2017


Why is the failure percentage for new businesses so high?


Early Success 

Seeing a new business emerge and bloom is as exciting as it gets. So, with such a successful start, what causes the failures??? Oftentimes it’s the passion that entrepreneurs bring to a new business that is a huge part of their success. They may under estimate the importance of this factor or possibly not even realize it has been in place. The difficulties that they have faced and overcome along the way, enthusiastically, most likely would have caused many others to fail. In time, their very success could become their down fall.  


Doing Business 

This “little change” can take this inspired, passionate person away from the customers. Then they are likely to hire someone without that “Founder Passion” to meet with customers and run  the business while they are busy in the back room, on an airplane, in a meeting, on the phone, etc. etc. etc.

In Sales Management Made Easy I make the case that, “The best fertilizer in the garden of business is the owner’s footprints.“