Going the Extra 5,000 Miles

June 11th, 2017


Rapport Racing Over the Rockies

When I was a fledgling businessman in the ’60s I read a great book; MINDING THE STORE by Stanley Marcus; founder of Nieman Marcus. He tells a story about being the only person in his Dallas headquarters early one Sunday morning. He was there catching up on mail when the phone rang. Some people in his position would not pick up the phone, but he did.

There was a woman on then other end calling from Houston who was furious that the dishes she ordered did not arrive, and that she had guests coming for a dinner party that afternoon.

What did Stanley Marcus do? 

He put a duplicate order in his car and drove the 240 miles to Houston (four hours away) and delivered her dishes personally in time for her dinner party. Needless to say, she became a customer for life. That’s Service!


I received an e-mail this morning (Sunday) from Peter Skaaning in Beverly Hills. Peter is the owner of Rapport International Furniture. He said that he got an irate call from a customer in Wisconsin, 2,500 miles away saying that her furniture had not arrived and that she needed it NOW! 

What did Peter Skaaning do?

In his e-mail he said that he asked himself, “What would Ron do? He said that the answer came immediately. He packed a duplicate order in the company truck along with two of his delivery employees and sent them off to Wisconsin (5,000 miles round-trip) with instructions to “Make this Customer Happy.” I’m certain that they will, and that this little “mistake” will generate a customer for life, 2,500 miles away. 


There’s a chapter in SUCCESS MADE EASY titled STUFF HAPPENS. Yes, I cleaned it up a little for the book. The point is that “Stuff” happens to everyone, and it’s what you do with it that determines the outcome much more than the “stuff” itself.


News From Japan

April 2nd, 2017


It’s Cherry Blossom Time

And That’s Not All…


Hawaiiana Store in Tokyo

You will find some Success Dynamics Client’s merchandise like Surf-n-Sea and Angels by the Sea Hawaii in this all new store created by Masae and her sister’s family.




Everybody is Excited and Eager to get in there and start shopping. In fact there have already been some special people that have been in and bought.


And of course Art and jewelry by Masae









Information is Power

March 26th, 2017


People come into your store to “discover” more about what you sell.


They can tell from the outside if you sell clothes, jewelry, art, cosmetics or whatever. What they don’t know is anything about the product’s details and quality.


This is where you come into the picture.

Ironically, some customers fear the very thing they need most; YOU! Nobody likes to be uncomfortable and too many salespeople make customers uncomfortable.

Pushy salespeople create discomfort when they try to talk to you when you don’t want to talk, expect you to buy when you don’t like what you are looking at.


Too many salespeople deal with the discomfort by standing back and waiting for the customer to become pro-active. This too makes customers uncomfortable wondering if and how you will approach them. Since most won’t approach you, it’s important that you become the proactive one, yet do so in a no-pressure manner.

Pro-Active, No-Pressure Selling is an art form. It’s also the subject of my best selling book since 1996.

To see it, CLICK HERE:

Questions Get the Best Answers

February 6th, 2017


And the best questions you can ask yourself or anyone else are;

“What?” “Who?” “How?” When and most important of all, “WHY?” 

Customer Service Story

November 24th, 2016


I went to my computer this morning and began my ritual of deleting junk e-mail on-line before bringing it into my computer. One of my many servers (Aloha.net) had a pop-up saying, “E-Mail Not Available.” I went to their website to see if there was a notice of some sort, and saw a posting that e-mail and website hosting had been discontinued. I was irritated that I knew nothing about this.
I saw a phone number listed so I called it expecting that this being Thanksgiving Day, I would get a recording.


I was surprised when a man answered the phone. I asked him what the problem is. He asked me for my e-mail address and then to hold on while he checked. When he returned to the line he said, “That account has been discontinued due to a past due bill.” I told him that they charge my credit card automatically every month and have done so for many years. Once again he asked me to hold on, and when he returned he said that all “dial-up” service has been discontinued.


This was my first e-mail account and when starting 16 years ago I used dial up; didn’t everybody back then? It’s hard to even imagine doing that today.


Not long after after that I started adding different e-mail addresses and got WIFI.  He explained that he could “Get me back on-line” and what the cost would be. I agreed to that, and within a matter of minutes all was okay.


While I was irritated about this at first, I do understand that 16 years of internet evolution as well as my own has created a new and quite impressive cyber world.  I am totally impressed that they took my call on Thanksgiving Day and handled the situation so professionally.


November 19th, 2016


Yes They Do!
The things you say to people have the power to hurt them, help them, heal them, to encourage or motivate them. Choose your words wisely since no one wants to be hurt. And, it’s so easy to do.

Hurtful words:
“I told you so.”
“Why did you do that?”

Helpful Words:
“I’m here for you.”
“What can I do to help?”

Healing Words:
“You will feel better tomorrow.”
“This too will pass.”
“I love you.”

Encouraging Words:
“You can do it!”
“I know you can.”

Motivational Words:
“Go for It.”
“You have what it takes.”

Add some of our own, but most importantly,


“Think before you speak.”

Watch Your Words

November 14th, 2016


Say, “NO” to Colds
Yes, words are powerful, especially those that you say to yourself. People are amazed when I say that I have only had one cold in the last 55 years. Actually it’s the only one that I “Welcomed.” Others have attempted to reach me, but I refused to let them. Many years ago I embraced the phrase, “An unwelcome visitor soon departs.”


The “Cold Monster” took a run at me the past few days, but I refused to accept it and I’m fine. Never say, “I’m catching a cold.” When you do, the cold will catch you. When anyone asks me, “Are you catching a cold?” or “Do you have a cold?” I instantly respond, “No, I don’t get colds.” When someone says, “Don’t get near me I have a cold,” I say, “I’m immune to colds, come on over here and give me a hug.” It Works!


Diet and Exercise
Of course, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise helps as well. It’s A Magical Combination! 

A Real Pro

November 3rd, 2016


I got goosebumps while watching game six of The World Series when the TV commentator said, “The late, great Jim Fregosi said, ‘Sometimes you have to know how to lose.’” Jim Fregosi was my first business partner in the mid ‘60s.


Late and Great
Jimmy was playing shortstop for the California Angels and was the highest paid shortstop in the American League at the time. He was a real celebrity, especially in Anaheim.
We literally could not go into a bar or restaurant where he was not known and sought after for autographs. It was a real treat to be with him and get to know him. I had the pleasure of going to Palm Springs with the Angels and sit in the dugout during their spring training games.
I learned a lot of things from Jimmy, perhaps the most important was the difference between professionals and amateurs in anything. Following is the best single example of the lessons he taught me.


We were having lunch at a restaurant in Anaheim one day and he said, “I need to get out to the ballpark and take batting practice.” I hated to see him leave and said, “Jimmy, why do you have to take batting practice? All you’ve done your whole life is hit baseballs.” His response changed my life.

Jimmy said, “Ron, we do not take batting practice to learn how to hit, we all know how to hit the ball. I cannot help it, on the way to the ballpark I have a little bit of Little Jimmy (his son) going on in my head, a little bit of Jan (his then wife) going on in my head, a little bit of last night’s game going on, and I will probably have a little bit of this lunch going on. He then went on to say, “But, to play at this level you can’t have anything else on your mind than tonight’s game. When we put on the uniform and go out on the field to take batting practice everything else goes away and we get focused on why were here tonight.”

The words that continue to give me goosebumps are, “To play at this level.”
The difference between Jimmy and many of his teammates was that he knew WHY they take batting practice. He told went on two say, “When you know HOW to do your job you can keep it, when you know WHY you can become the Manager.”

When Jimmy eventually became too old to hit baseballs he was made manager of the California Angels and then went on to manage several other big lead baseball teams. GOOGLE him. Jimmy died on Valentine’s Day two years ago and I watched television all day as they showed reruns of some of his best performances at bat and on the field.

RIP Jimmy


October 22nd, 2016


There’s No “I” in Teamwork

This question was sent to my website from a student at Brigham Young University.

“I was at a seminar at the Polynesian Cultural Center that Ron put on. He talked about the Master Mind Alliance. I was wondering if I could get the quote for that? I took notes but they weren’t as good as the way he said it. Thank you in advance.”

Amber Rasmussen

My Reply:

“Whenever two or more minds come together, with a common goal, and in a spirit of harmony, there is an invisible mind created. That invisible mind; the Master Mind is more powerful than the sum total of the individual minds, and then feeds the individual minds with ideas, hunches, motivation, inspiration and everything needed to be great.”

Do You Bear Down or Bail Out?

September 26th, 2016


Nobody likes rejection, and nobody gets more of it than salespeople. Buying is an emotional decision, and a willing customer can cool off in a heartbeat. You are showing the product and your customer’s head is bobbing up and down like a doll in the back window of the car.  You know it’s going to be a sale. You and your customer are both smiling approvingly. You are thinking, “Oh boy, oh boy.” Then suddenly your customer’s smile goes away and you hear those dreaded words, “I need to think about it; I will be back. That “Oh boy” feeling fades away as your customer begins to walk away. What do you do now? Most people will either bear down and push for the sale, or bail out and hope that the customer will come back. Some do; Most don’t and you know it.


Which Way Will You Go?
The “Bear Down” salesperson says something like, “You know you love it, that’s a great price, you should get it now.” Some even suddenly drop the price thinking that will close the sale.

The “Bail Out” salesperson says something like, “Okay, here’s my card, please ask for me when you come back.” The customer smiles, agrees and heads for the door. You frown and feel depressed. One of these two scenarios plays out in luxury retail stores across the country every day. There must be a better way, and there is.


Put on Your Detective Hat
The wise salesperson stops selling at this point and becomes a concerned “detective” looking for the real reason the customer is not buying it. This salesperson says something like, “Okay, but maybe it’s just not the right piece, and if that’s the case, you shouldn’t get it. Let’s take another minute before you leave, and tell me, what is it about this piece that just MIGHT NOT be right?” Now simply shut up and continue looking at the piece. It’s the customer’s turn to talk and you will be surprised how many confessions you will get. You will hear things like, “Well to tell you the truth, it’s more than I was planning to spend.” Or, “It just doesn’t look right to me.” or “It’s actually too big” or “Too small.” These are “truths” that can be dealt with.


No Means, “No, Not Yet.”
There’s usually a real reason, and when you uncover the truth, chances are you can do something to resolve it and make the sale, if not that item, then another one. The truth will set you free; lies paralyze. If the customer say’s, “No, I just always like to think before buying” and that’s true the truth is that the customer really does need to think about it, help him or her do it while still in the store. Say, “Do you think it MIGHT BE the right piece?” If the answer is, “Yes” or “Maybe,” say, “Let’s be sure” and then go back over the features and benefits of the piece looking for what might be the hold up. If you cannot find a good reason to not buy it, then SELL IT! Say, “It looks like we have found the right item, is there anything we didn’t think about?” If there isn’t, then say, “Let’s do it now and you won’t have to come back.” This is where salespeople are separated from clerks and order takers. The key is doing it for the customer, not for you. The customer will have the product longer than you and the store will have the money. When that’s where your heart is, you and the customer both win.